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Plumbing emergencies are never fun. Consider a situation where you head out for a weekend vacation, only to return to three inches of water on your kitchen floor. You can clearly see that water has been coming back up the sink all weekend long, but you have no idea what has caused it or how to fix it. It is already 11 PM and you have to work the next day, but this issue must be dealt with immediately.

This type of scenario is an absolute nightmare for a homeowner, but there are ways that you can have your plumbing issue resolved right away without having to wait until the morning.

Hunt’s Services offers 24/7 emergency plumbing service to homes and business throughout all of Puget Sound, including Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, and Federal Way areas. Our expert technicians are standing by to assist you through whatever plumbing emergency you run into, so that you don’t have to stress out any longer.

Give us a call at 253-927-5862 and we’ll send someone over to your house at any hour of the day or night to get to the bottom of your plumbing problem, so that you can get the rest that you need without having to deal with the issue yourself.

Backed-up Sewer Lines Emergency

In the aforementioned situation, the most likely cause of the flooding is a backed-up sewer line. This occurs when debris ends up caught in the line between the house and the city main. If the debris doesn’t work itself out, water and waste can come back up the sewer line and through your plumbing fixtures.

Luckily, a backed-up sewer line can be fixed relatively easily by a certified technician. In many cases, we will use a process called hydro-jetting to remove the clog. This process involves sending a highly pressurized stream of water through the sewer line to remove whatever is causing the back-up.

The great thing about hydro-jetting is that not only is it fast and highly efficient, but it is also very safe for your pipes. Give us a call at any hour and we will see if hydro-jetting could be the solution to your plumbing problem.

In other situations, a simple drain cleaning might do the trick, as we have a number of different emergency plumbing services for sewer repair in Tacoma that we can use in this situation.

Broken sewer pipes

A common issue that can cause plumbing problems around the house is a broken water pipe. Depending on the severity of the break and its location, this could turn into a major job. Ideally, we will use a trenchless pipe repair or replacement method, so that we don’t have to dig up your yard.

Once again, the route that we take is entirely dependent on the severity of the sewer line repair, but having us come to your property is a good first step. Even if the issue is a serious one, call us as soon as you notice the problem so that we can limit the damage that is done to your home and property.

Leaking Hot Water Tank Emergency

Another plumbing emergency that you could run into is a leak in your hot water heater tank. As water heaters age, they could start to rust from the inside. Once this rusting reaches a serious level, it is possible that your tank could spring a leak.

This is a situation where you should have us come to your home and inspect the situation right away, before your plumbing emergency in King or Pierce County has a chance to get worse. If your water heater can be repaired, we will get the proper replacement parts to repair your water heater.  If it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, our expert plumbers will work with you to purchase and install a new water heater that best meets your needs. Our goal is to quickly assess and fix your water tank plumbing emergency so that you can continue to have hot water, but also offer you the option to replace your tank if that is the best option for your long term needs.

What Causes These Emergencies

There is no single reason why plumbing emergencies occur. After all, if you knew what was going to cause your plumbing emergency beforehand, you could make sure that you avoid the action that has caused it.

One of the most common reason for a water back-up in your home is clogged drains and plumbing. Garbage disposals are great at getting rid of kitchen scraps, but really should only be used to get rid of incidental food waste. While smaller items are perfectly safe for garbage disposals, larger items like watermelon or squash rinds could cause clogs in your plumbing.

If you aren’t 100% sure that an item will fit down your drain and through your pipes, put it in the garbage to avoid potential clogs in the future. If you do have a clogged drain that your run of the mill drain cleaner or plunger can’t fix, give Hunt’s Services a call to clear drains and make sure your plumbing and disposals are in proper working order.

Flushing items that are too large can cause these issues, as well. After flushing the toilet, people tend to take an “out of sight, out of mind” type of attitude, but this can be dangerous. Even if an item seems to have been safely flushed through your toilet, that does not necessarily mean that it will make it through your sewer lines. Sometimes items that get stuck in your toilet need to have the toilet removed and repaired before flushing will work properly.

If the item get stuck somewhere along your sewer line, it could lead to a back-up that eventually makes it way back into your home.

What You Can Do

Of course, having a plumbing issue isn’t the end of the world because you can rely on Hunt’s Services. Our expert technicians have seen every plumbing issue imaginable and can get to the bottom of your plumbing emergency sooner, rather than later.

Our 24/7 emergency service means that you don’t have to wait until the morning to get us on the job and to start the repair process. We will even clean the water from your home after a flood, which can be a lifesaver if you return home to a serious plumbing disaster in the middle of the night.

Give us a call at 253-927-5862 if you ever require professional assistance with your plumbing in the middle of the night or any time throughout the day.

Remember, once we’re on the job, your problem doesn’t stand a chance.

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911 for assistance.

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