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Air Conditioning Installation & RepairThere are few inhabited places on earth where having an air conditioner doesn’t come in handy at least some of the time – even here in Western Washington!  Forecasters predict a hot, dry summer and fall this year that has already seen our temperature records shattered with the hottest June and July on record.  If you’re looking to add an air conditioner to your home, or if you are experiencing problems with your current unit, call Hunt’s Services for expert air conditioning installation!  If you have an existing air conditioning or HVAC system that is not functioning properly, we will provide air conditioning repair services to determine what is needed for repair and make recommendations on repair versus replace of your unit.

Our years of experience make us one of the most trusted names in the area for choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home. We come out to your home and measure your home’s square footage, top to bottom. We look for potential problem areas that might be warmer than other areas during the day. We make sure you have the right ventilation to cover every area of your home that the air conditioner needs to reach. Then we draw up a plan to show you how your new air conditioner will fill your home with cool comfort.

We sit down with you to discuss which air conditioner is right for you. We will make several suggestions within your price range that will work perfectly for your home and budget. Most A/C installation can be done in a day, especially if there are little or no additional ducts to add into your home.

Great strides have been made in air conditioning over the last few years that allow for greater efficiency and especially here in Western Washington – it will last you for years to come. We can also work with you to finance the payments on a new unit to make buying a new air conditioning unit a very comfortable decision.

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