With rising temperatures becoming ever more common in the summer months, Hunt’s Services have the experienced, licensed, and certified HVAC technicians you need to handle your air conditioner installation or repair. We can also assist with your ductless heat pump needs.

    Taking proper care of your climate-control system is vital because it ensures your home remains at a comfortable temperature. Life becomes more of a challenge when you are overheating, such as sleeping becomes more challenging as temperatures rise, and your house could become far too hot without an adequate cooling system.

    Hunt’s Services is here to keep your central AC or ductless mini-split functional and efficient. We have the expertise to assist with any problems you encounter, and we can even install a brand-new system from scratch.

    Call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 for all your air conditioning needs in Enumclaw and throughout the rest of King County.

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    Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation

    Do you need an air conditioner installation in Enumclaw, Washington? It could become necessary in a few situations, and Hunt’s Services can assist with all of them.


    For starters, you might decide upgrading your current air conditioner is a good idea. This scenario could involve switching to a heat pump or installing a brand new central air conditioner. Typically, you’ll upgrade your unit if your current one isn’t running very efficiently or you determine it isn’t the right size for your home.The team at Hunt’s Services will ensure you end up with the ideal air conditioner for your home, saving you money on monthly cooling costs.

    AC Upgrade


    You could also seek a replacement when your current air conditioner is beginning to break down or no longer functions. These systems typically last for about 15 years, at which time a replacement could become necessary. Even if your system is still running, the repairs could get costly as it ages, and replacing it is advisable.

    Brand new installations are also possible through Hunt’s Services. In this scenario, we’ll mount a brand new unit outside your home and connect it to your existing ductwork. We’ll also integrate the electrical components, leaving you with a fully functioning air conditioning unit. Hunt’s Services employs licensed electricians so you can be assured your work is completed according to current electrical standards.

    You’ll have various options when selecting your cooling system, so reach out to Hunt’s Services to learn more. Our team is standing by in Enumclaw and elsewhere in King, Pierce or Thurston Counties at 253-533-7500.

    Enumclaw Air Conditioning Repairs

    If you already have an air conditioning system, attempting to repair it before installing a new one is recommended, especially if the unit is relatively new. Getting a few more years from your system will save you money, and the technicians at Hunt’s Services will do everything possible to get your system back up and running efficiently.

    As you use your air conditioner, you could notice some signs it’s time for a repair. Addressing these concerns early is a good idea because it can prevent further damage and significant expenses.

    Lack of Cold Air

    For instance, you could notice your air conditioner is no longer producing cool air. While this issue is problematic, it’s actually a simple problem for a certified HVAC technician to repair. Our technician will likely have to replace your compressor in this situation, hopefully getting your system functioning again in a hurry.

    A lack of cold air could also mean you’ve blown a fuse or have a bad capacitor. A blown fuse is another simple fix, but a bad capacitor is a significant repair that will take some time. Reach out to Hunt’s Services for more information on these issues or to have a technician visit your home.

    Reduced Airflow

    You could notice reduced airflow when running your cooling system. This issue could also signal a problem with your compressor, but it’s often the result of a clogged filter, vent, or duct that requires attention. Fortunately, changing your filter or cleaning your vents is relatively simple and doesn’t require repairing your air conditioning system.


    Grinding Noises

    A grinding or squealing noise could signal an air conditioning problem. The grinding often means there are some poorly lubricated parts in your main casing, while squealing signals a slipped belt. Once again, these repairs are relatively minor, and the team at Hunt’s Services can get to the bottom of them quickly.

    Hunt’s Services installs, repairs and maintains many brands of HVAC manufacturers including American Standard, Ameristar, Mitsubishi, Coleman, Daikin, Bosch, and Lennox.

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    Contact Hunt’s Services

    Addressing your air conditioning issues as early as possible can keep your entire system functional and prevent the need for a replacement. Contact Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to set up an air conditioner repair or installation appointment in Enumclaw. Hunt’s Services also offers drain clearing and plumbing in Enumclaw.