March 26

4 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Performing a complete bathroom remodel is a major undertaking. With a national average cost of $12,000 to $27,500 for a 10×10 bathroom, according to Forbes,… View Article Read More

March 6

Surge Protectors vs. Power Strips: Understanding the Difference

Surge protectors are important for preventing damage and protecting all of your sensitive electronic devices. Power strips can also be useful for allowing you to… View Article Read More

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance
March 1

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities on your plate. One of the most important is looking after your HVAC system. It’s necessary to schedule… View Article Read More

Toilet Repair vs. Professional Help: When to Call a Plumber
February 15

Toilet Repair vs. Professional Help: When to Call a Plumber

Toilets are central features of modern bathrooms. These appliances enable the efficient removal of wastewater and sewage, and they serve a key role in keeping… View Article Read More

Olympia Electricians Panel Electrical Upgrade Install
February 5

How Does Cold Weather Affect Electrical Wiring in Your Home?

As the temperatures drop and winter sets in, you may notice your home’s electrical system behaving in ways it doesn’t during the rest of the… View Article Read More

What are heat pumps?
February 1

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

In the residential HVAC world, one of the newest products to hit the market is the extremely efficient heat pump. Due to its name, many… View Article Read More

Frozen pipes in Tacoma, WA
January 21

Ways to Safely Thaw Frozen Pipes in Your Tacoma, WA Home

Of all of the plumbing issues that could afflict homes in Tacoma, WA, frozen pipes are among the most serious. It’s the kind of problem… View Article Read More

What are heat pumps?
January 12

10 Ways To Make Your Indoor Lighting More Eco-Friendly

As climate change becomes more unpredictable, the world has asked its citizens to seek green and eco-friendly substitutes that will leave their carbon footprint behind…. View Article Read More

Gas furnace in Tacoma, WA
January 3

12 Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Size Gas Furnace

Choosing the right size gas furnace for your home matters for several reasons. It not only affects the unit’s ability to heat your home but… View Article Read More

Generators in Tacoma, WA
December 15

What Homeowners Should Know About Generators

Power outages cause inconvenience, discomfort, and safety risks. The inability to cook a meal, take a shower, or provide lighting to prevent slips and falls… View Article Read More