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With the dry weather we’ve been having in the Seattle and Tacoma area this summer, having a gas leak from your gas piping is more dangerous than ever before. For starters, the dry landscape could go up in flames at a moment’s notice if a natural gas fire starts on your property, escalating the situation […]

After the wettest winter on record and a long, cold spring, Western Washington is experiencing some of the driest weather in its history this summer and residents are looking for any way possible to keep comfortable. In fact, the dry streak is approaching the all-time high of 51 straight days without rain, which was set […]

The threat of a major earthquake striking Seattle has been in the news recently in part due to The New Yorker article on the subject, leaving many people worrying about when “the big one” will hit. The area is actually well overdue for a major earthquake and there is a 10 to 15 percent chance that […]

We know that it’s coming every year, yet, for some reason, we fail to prepare for it. The vast majority of Seattle’s precipitation falls between October and March, an average of 26.31 inches during these months annually, leaving many homes prone to flooded homes, yards and, particularly, basements. The main issue occurs when a great […]

Over the past few months, there have been numerous reports mentioning discolored water in various neighborhoods around West Seattle. While this is somewhat normal, as water discoloration can be caused by a few different things, the frequency with which it is occurring is alarming, especially for those who have had dark colored water coming out […]

What is up with this heat? Numerous all-time temperature records have been broken in the Seattle area in recent weeks, leaving residents struggling to keep cool. The region has already set a record for the most consecutive days with temperatures over 90-degrees and we’re only a few weeks into summer. Because of these sustained high […]

Myths are a common thing in life, as we hear things daily that are treated as common knowledge, but aren’t necessarily true. This applies to household plumbing, as there are probably a number of things that your friends or family have told you that are doing you more harm than good. These are some of […]

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