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Clogged Drains


Clearing Clogged Drain Bathroom Tub SinkClogged drains are one of those problems that are just irritating! Hunt’s Services understands this frustration and we know the faster we handle your clogged drains and plumbing, the faster you can get back to life without a clogged sink, clogged toilet, or clogged tub!

Hunt’s Services doesn’t just want to fix your clogged drain, we also to help you prevent a clogged sink, clogged toilet, and clogged tub from happening again. There are two different types of clogged sinks and they both have different reasons for getting clogged. Bathroom and kitchen sinks have to be treated differently and there are different solutions for clogged bathroom sinks and clogged kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sinks are typically clogged by food debris like un-ground food or by improper use of a garbage disposal or grease that’s gone down a drain. Most homes have garbage disposals nowadays and most homeowners don’t follow the proper method of using their garbage disposals which can lead to a clogged kitchen sink. After you use a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal most garbage disposal manufacturers recommend running cold water down your kitchen drain for an additional 15 seconds after you have run your kitchen sink garbage disposal. Avoid using hot water when grinding food in your kitchen sinks garbage disposal – cold water is the way to go. NEVER pour grease or fat down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal – that’s a surefire way to get a clogged kitchen sink and for you to get a visit from your favorite plumber! Not to worry though, if you have a clogged kitchen sink, Hunt’s Plumbing will fix your clogged drain in Pierce or King County and show you what to do in the future to prevent a clogged drain.

Bathroom sinks get clogged often times for very different reasons than a kitchen sink would get clogged for. Hair, soap buildup, and hygiene products like hair gel and toothpaste can often be the culprits behind a clogged bathroom sink. Some things are just going to go down the bathroom sink, but as much as possible, try to clear your drain of loose hair and obstacles, but if you do have a clogged bathroom sink call Hunt’s Services today for a fast resolution to your clogged bathroom drain.

If you’ve tried to clear a clogged drain on your own with a chemical that you’ve poured down your clogged drain and you are still experiencing a backed up drain, then you should definitely call Hunt’s Services where your clogged drain doesn’t stand a chance!

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