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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer Vent CleaningDid you know that thousands of home fires each year are caused from dirty dryer vents? Most people don’t even think about it. The vent is behind the dryer and typically goes through a metal duct to the outside. Out of sight out of mind right. Well it doesn’t have to be a hazard in your home.

One quick way for you to check if its time is to locate the dryer vent termination kit which is on the outside of the home and just take a look at it and see how much build up is on the vent if it has made to exterior then it is definitely time to have your dyer vent cleaned. The City of Tacoma Fire Department offers some helpful tips on home fire safety.

We offer dryer vent cleaning for $99.00 and in most cases we do it with our duct cleaning packages at no additional cost. Give us a call today so we can make sure your home is save from this hazard.

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