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Duct Cleaning Scams

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There is huge amount of duct cleaning scams out there. I’m sure you have received the Value Pak with coupons in them for anywhere from 35.00 to 99.00 specials for complete duct cleaning. I’m sorry to say but these are not real.They are typically a ploy to get into your home and upsell other services. Real duct cleaning takes at least a couple of hours and will start out at around 289.00 for a complete job. You don’t have to take my word for it here’s what Jessie Jones, Consumer Protection Reporter from Kiro 7, had to say about Duct Clean Scams.

We are just looking out for our customers. If you want good quality duct cleaning done please give us a call we will do a proper job and make sure that when we are done your ducts will be cleaned. We use a very powerful Nikro negative air duct cleaning machine with compressed air whips that we run through each duct. The whips loosen all the dust and debris that collects in the duct system and the negative air machine suck all the debris out of the system. There is a collection filter in the unit as well as a hepa filter for the finer debris. With our system it leaves you ducts clean and improves your air quality. We would be happy to come out to your home and evaluate your system and give an upfront no obligation cost for proper duct cleaning

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