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Mini Split System

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A mini-split system is an AC system that requires no ducts! Copper tubing is installed in the walls or in the ceiling from an outside unit to a wall-mounted unit. The outside unit consists of a compressor or motor unit for the system. The system works by sending refrigerant from the outside unit to the unit in your home. These units lose less cool air than a conventional system and are more energy efficient meaning you will see lower utility bills.!

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If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, call Hunt’s Services today to discuss your options. We will come out to your home and calculate the size for your home to ensure the proper unit is installed. You do not want to install the wrong size system for your home. We will then prepare a base for the outside unit. A small concrete slab base is needed to keep the outside unit level and stable.
The use of a mini-split system requires regular maintenance. Contact Hunt’s to examine your system–the best time is before the beginning or spring or at the end of the summer season. We will check the system for any problems and perform any repairs that are necessary. The system will also be cleaned and the filter will be replaced.

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The use of a mini-split system is a great zone-control air conditioning option for your home. When you have a mini-split system installed, multiple rooms can have their own wall-mounted unit. This provides you with options for setting different temperatures for these rooms because adjusting the temperature for each unit is more efficient than setting the thermostat on a central air system.


Contact us today if you are considering installing a mini-split system for your home in the Tacoma area. We are also available for any repairs or if you need to schedule an appointment to perform annual maintenance on your unit! At Hunt’s Services, your problem doesn’t stand a chance! Call us today at 253-92-PLUMB (75862)!

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