USB Outlet InstallationAn increasingly popular service offered by Hunt’s Services is a USB outlet installation. This type of work involves installing an outlet with USB ports into an existing outlet in the house, or putting an entirely new electrical outlet somewhere it is needed.

    With so many devices now requiring USB chargers, it makes sense to have a few of these outlets around the house, so you don’t have to search for a power adapter every time you want to charge your phone, tablet, or camera. In fact, about two-thirds of new constructions have one of these outlets in the kitchen, office, or bedroom, so you can see that it is becoming more mainstream.

    If you’re interested in having a USB outlet installed in your home or office, give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll send one of our certified, professional technicians to provide an estimate. From there, we can install a USB outlet in any room in your home, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your new outlet is installed safely and efficiently.

    Benefits of a USB Outlet

    The main benefit of installing a USB outlet is that it reduces clutter and allows you to streamline the design of any room in your home. These outlets create a contemporary look, and since you won’t have to worry about having power adapters present whenever you need a charger, it saves you a lot of hassle, as well.

    These outlets are also environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional outlets because the socket knows precisely how much power is required to charge a particular device. Therefore, if you have a USB cable plugged into the outlet, it won’t use any power unless a device is attached to it.

    Types of USB Outlets

    There are a few different types of USB outlets that you’ll want to learn about, starting with a single receptacle. These outlets have two USB charging ports, but nothing else in the outlet. As a result, this outlet is solely for charging your USB devices.

    The second type is a duplex receptacle, which has two standard outlets and two USB outlets. These are the most diverse receptacles and are popular because you won’t have to choose between two different charging types when making the installation.

    Finally, there are four-port USB chargers, which have 4.2 amps of power so that you can use all four USB outlets at one time.

    Types of USB Outlets

    These are the most powerful USB charging stations you’ll find, so make sure you ask about them if you have multiple devices in your home that will need to be charged at once.

    Why You Should Trust a Professional

    As with any electrical work, it is best to let a trained professional install your USB outlet in Seattle, Tacoma, or Bellevue. While there might be some temptation to do it yourself, there are a couple of reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

    For starters, there are two different configurations for these receptacles, and you’ll want to know what you’re dealing with before you start. Many USB outlets are 120 volts and come with DC-charging capability, while others are for USB charging only.

    In addition, even though both of these types of outlets have multiple ports, they might have a low charging capacity. If you use a low-capacity outlet, it will be very slow if you’re charging two devices at once. So if you want to make sure you’ve got the right outlet to meet your needs, it’s best to speak with a professional before you buy.

    Another issue that you could run into is in regards to the physical installation of the receptacle. These outlets are deeper than traditional ones and, therefore, you need more space when placing them. This isn’t a big deal with most homes, as there will be more than enough space to install a larger receptacle, but in an old house with small electrical boxes, you could run into problems.

    Call Hunt’s Services!

    Give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500 if you require assistance installing your new USB outlet in Tacoma, Seattle, Auburn, or Federal Way. Our experienced team of licensed electricians will ensure that your receptacle is correctly installed so that you can keep your mobile devices fully charged at all times.

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