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    Do you feel like a room in your home is missing something? Perhaps you have a light fixture that doesn’t fit in with your decor, or you believe the air circulation in certain rooms could use improvement to make these rooms more comfortable or cooler.

    The answer to your problem might be to have a ceiling fan installed, as these fixtures not only add style to any room in the home but are also functional pieces of equipment that can make the room more comfortable while saving you money on your energy bill. Ceiling fans can help reduce your use of air conditioning as well as use your heating more efficiently by circulating warm air where you need it. You can also add lighting to your ceiling fan to improve the lighting in your home.

    No matter what your reason for wanting a ceiling fan might be, give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500 to have one of our electricians install it. While there might be some temptation to install a ceiling fan yourself, especially if there is existing infrastructure in the location you want to place it, ceiling fans must be correctly fitted to ensure they are safe, and that’s just what Hunt’s Services will do.

    Give Hunt’s Services a call today and we’ll not only handle your ceiling fans installation but help you to put it in the ideal location so you get the most out of it.

    Ceiling Fan Benefits

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    There are a number of reasons to install one or more ceiling fans in your home, starting with their ability to cool things down during the summer. As the air circulates throughout your house, it creates a breeze, making things feel cooler and, therefore, more comfortable for you. Even if you have an air conditioning unit installed, you can benefit from a ceiling fan installation because it allows you to keep the temperature a few degrees higher during the summer.

    Your ceiling fan is also beneficial in the winter if you reverse its rotation. When using your furnace, warm air rises and collects near your ceiling. This sitting heat is usually wasted energy because the air sits there before eventually escaping. A ceiling fan set in reverse pushes this warm air downward, keeping your living areas warmer.

    Keep in mind that ceiling fans are also decorative and functional. The fans come with a light, so they double as a lighting fixture in whichever room you install them, and they can even complement your existing decor. Choose wisely to ensure you end up with the perfect ceiling fan to meet your needs.

    If you have any questions about the right type of ceiling fan to install in your home, call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to go over your options.

    Replacing an Existing Fixture

    The simplest type of ceiling fan installation is when there is already a fixture in place. In these situations, the technician only has to disconnect the existing fixture and connect the fan’s motor and lighting to the wiring to get the system working.

    Keep in mind there will be some mounting necessary to ensure the ceiling fan is suitably secured, and there we’ll still have to deal with the electricity. This mounting might involve installing a support bracket if there isn’t a ceiling joist in the area to hold the fan. The electricians might also fit a support brace during the process.

    Hunt’s Services can replace your existing light fixture with a ceiling fan in no time at all in Seattle, Bellevue or Tacoma, Washington, so book an appointment today if you find yourself in this situation.

    When There’s No Fixture

    Of course, when there’s no existing fixture in the location where you want to put your ceiling fan, the job becomes much longer and requires more electrical services. To start, the technician will help you locate the perfect place to install the device. You’ll want to place it between two joists to provide the necessary support. Once you’ve decided on a location, the technician will begin cutting a hole in the ceiling.

    The next step is to install the fan’s electrical box and run the wiring to it from the electrical panel. This part of the process is where it comes in handy to have a professional on hand because you’ll need to run cables from your breaker to the area of the house where the fan will be installed. This wire work is usually done through the attic if you have access to it. Running this electrical wiring is a big job and requires a certified electrician so your house is up to code, so you’ll be happy that you have Hunt’s Services there to handle it for you.

    Finally, your technician will complete the installation by securing the fan to your ceiling. Once the wiring is there, the process is the same as installing the fan where an existing fixture is present.

    Why a Professional Should Install Your Ceiling Fan

    Even if you think you can install an electric ceiling fan on your own, it’s always a good plan to have a professional electrician do it for you because it is far safer. The electricians at Hunt’s Services have years of experience and have handled jobs like this countless times, and very few things around the home are more important than electrical safety.

    You can be 100% positive that our electricians will connect the fan and its wiring correctly, which will avoid problems in the future. You can also be sure that the fan is mounted securely, preventing injury from falling or detaching units.

    Why a Professional Should Install Your Ceiling Fan

    You’ll also find that it’s far faster to have a professional take care of your ceiling fan installation in Tacoma. An expert has all the necessary tools and the experience to get through the job quickly and efficiently, rather than you struggling with the situation yourself for hours or even days.

    Overall, the peace of mind associated with hiring a professional is worth the cost, especially when it comes to electrical systems in your house. Call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to set up your ceiling fan installation appointment today and any other electric repair or service.

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