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Camera Sewer Inspections

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Are you looking for a camera sewer inspection in Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue or any areas of Pierce and King County area? Call Hunt’s Services today at 253-533-7500!

Hydro Jetting Clearing Drains SewersIt used to be that no one could inspect a sewer line until after a major problem occurred. One old method only offered the hope of clearing a clog using a powered sewer line snake, but it did not give much of a clue as to the cause of the problem.

The next option was to dig up the sewer line and replace it. Today’s modern technological advances allow a camera to travel the length of the sewer line from the house to the street to look for problems. Old terracotta can shift out of place underground or have partial collapses in spots that slow drainage. Tree roots are another problem. Plastic lines can acquire a buildup of sludge narrowing the drain’ opening. All of this can be easily seen with a camera.

Hunt’s Services can fully inspect your sewer line for any signs of separation at pipe joints, tree roots and collapsed areas. A camera attached to a flexible tube is inserted into the sewer line. The tube is fed along the path of the sewer line while a technician inspects the pipe and pipe joints along the sewer line’s length. The camera has a light that illuminates the interior of the pipe, and the live video is sent to a monitor that the technician looks at to diagnose any sewer line problems.

Modern plumbing advances offers options not available years ago. Choosing to have your sewer line inspected can catch problems that are developing that can get out of hand if left unchecked. Whereas homeowners used to only know of a problem with their sewer line when it began to run slow or became fully blocked, a sewer camera can reveal potential problems in their beginning stages.

Even problems that will eventually require the sewer line replacement can be managed for a time in their beginning stages. This gives you time to prepare for inevitable repair costs rather than it being a sudden surprise.

Contact Hunt’s Services to have your sewer line inspected by a fully trained and experienced technician before problems begin at 253-533-7500 today!

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