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    It used to be that no one could inspect a sewer line until after a major problem occurred. One old method only offered the hope of clearing a clog using a powered sewer line snake, but it did not give much of a clue as to the cause of the problem.

    The next option to repair your sewer line was to dig up the sewer pipes and replace them. Today’s modern technological advances allow a camera to travel the length of the sewer line from the house to the street to look for problems. Old terracotta can shift out of place underground or have partial collapses in spots that slow drainage. Tree roots are another problem. Plastic lines can acquire a buildup of sludge narrowing the drain’s opening. All of this can be easily seen with a camera.

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    Expert Sewer Line Camera Inspection

    Hunt’s Services can fully inspect your sewer line for any signs of separation at pipe joints, tree roots and collapsed areas. A sewer scope camera attached to a flexible tube is inserted into the sewer line. The tube is fed along the path of the sewer line while a technician inspects the pipe and pipe joints along the sewer line’s length. The camera has a light that illuminates the interior of the pipe, and the live video is sent to a monitor that the technician looks at to diagnose any sewer line problems. We can even record the video and make it available for you to view. This not only gives you the chance to really get inside your sewer line but also can be used during the sale or inspection of your property to confirm to interested parties as to the integrity of your sewer system.

    Sewer camera inspection

    Camera Inspection Saves You Money

    There are a number of reasons why a homeowner has a camera inspection of their sewer line.

    Finding Blockages

    Often times as part of sale of a home, especially an older home, the buyer can request a sewer camera inspection to determine the integrity and find any blockages in the sewer line. Since homeowners in Tacoma and Seattle are responsible for the side sewer from their home to the main line, if there is a problem with the sewer line it could be a serious unexpected expense for the purchaser of the home.

    Identify Cause of Blockages

    Another common reason is that having an accurate sewer line camera inspection will help identify the nature and cause of any blockage or break in the line so that the correct remediation action can be recommended. Otherwise a less than scrupulous company could convince the homeowner to replace their sewer line at a considerable expense.

    There are several methods of fixing a sewer line that is clogged or broken that do not involve underground excavation and sewer replacements.

    Trenchless Sewer Repair

    Trenchless sewer repair can replace your sewer without expensive excavation using sewer liners or sewer pipe bursting technique. Pipe bursting replaces the existing sewer line with a new sewer pipe after the old one is destroyed while pulling a new line through the old one. Sewer liners is a popular, less expensive method of fixing a sewer line by lining the old pipe with an epoxy resin that is injected and then hardened around the inside of the existing sewer line.

    Hydro Jetting

    Hydro jetting is a method that can remove a blockage, such as roots or built up debris with a powerful jet of pressurized water using a specialized equipment. A sewer line that is inspected by a sewer camera and found to be intact and in good condition can be flushed clean with a hydro jet to remove the problem clogs that are preventing proper drainage from the house to the main sewer line.

    Hunt’s Services Modern Sewer Inspection Services

    Modern plumbing advances offers options not available years ago. Choosing to have your sewer line inspected can catch problems that are developing that can get out of hand if left unchecked. Whereas homeowners used to only know of a problem with their sewer line when it began to run slow or became fully blocked, a sewer camera can reveal potential problems in their beginning stages.

    Even problems that will eventually require the sewer line replacement can be managed for a time in their beginning stages. This gives you time to prepare for inevitable repair costs rather than it being a sudden surprise.

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