In many parts of the country, the local municipal government is responsible for maintaining the sewer line once it leaves an individual property. However in our neck of the woods, Seattle Public Utilities and Tacoma Sewer District mandate that it is the obligation of the property owner to keep the entire sewer pipe, which runs from the owner’s property to the city main, in working condition.

For instance, if there is a crack in the sewer line that is technically on city property, such as under a sidewalk or street, but if the crack isn’t in the city’s main line, the homeowner still has to pay for repairs and sewer line replacement costs. The homeowner is also responsible for paying for a work permit in this situation.

Unfortunately, many homes in the Pacific Northwest have sewer lines that are reaching their life expectancy and may need to be replaced. Older homes generally have concrete sewer lines and these lines have a maximum life expectancy of about 80 years. If your home is 60 or more years old, it’s a good idea to have your pipes inspected.

Also if your home was built between the years 1945 and 1972, you may have Orangeburg sewer lines. They are no longer in use as sewer piping because of their tendency to break down over time. At the time when they were being manufactured, suppliers stated they can last over 50 years. However, in reality they start breaking down at about 30 years. Hence many homeowners are faced with the decision to replace their Orangeburg sewer lines once they start to fail.

Finding yourself with a sewer line that needs to be replaced can be stressful, but Hunt’s Services can help. Our licensed plumbers specialize in sewer inspections and will come up with a solution to any problems that are present. The sewer repair experts at Hunt’s will also go over all of your options with you, so that you end up with a solution that you can stomach.

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