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At Hunt’s we understand you have many choices for your drain cleaning and sewer replacement contractor and will make sure that you feel you have made the best choice you could have. We take pride in our sewer and drain cleaning or repairs. We have the best trained plumbers around to make sure your job is taken care of right the first time.

We take care of your property and treat it as our own. When we set up our equipment to clean a drain under a sink we will put down a carpet in front of the cabinet and place our snaking equipment on that. We then will proceed to snake the drain as needed to clear the drain. After cleaning the drain we will clean up our mess and test the drain to make sure everything is working properly.

We have many methods of cleaning sewers and drains the first is snaking as stated above then we have the option of hydro jetting or using a blow bag when we have our plumber on site he will determine the best method for your Sewer and drain problem.

Sometimes clearing the line just isn’t possible and repairs are needed. Don’t worry we have the right equipment and plumbers for that job as well. No matter what type of repair is needed like replacement of the kitchen drain under the house or side sewer repairs that connect to the main utility sewer line.

If sewer replacement is what you need, we can diagnose what type of sewer replacement is best for your property with a sewer line camera inspection. A very popular method of sewer line replacement is the use of sewer liners because it is trenchless or does not require excavation of your yard. Sewer liners work by replacing your sewer pipe with a resin liner that is inserted into your existing pipe and then inflated with a bladder to hold it in place until it is hardened against the inside of your existing pipe thereby replacing your sewer line.

If it is determined the sewer liner method is not going to work because of the condition of your sewer pipe, Hunt’s Services will employ the use of our pipe bursting method of sewer replacement. Pipe bursting works by destroying and removing your existing sewer line without having to excavate it.  A hydraulic bursting machine is employed to destroy the pipe and move it aside while another HDPE pipe is pulled through via a strong cable to replace the old pipe.

If neither liner nor bursting methods will work for your sewer replacement, our option of last choice is to excavate and replace your existing pipe. Excavation involves digging a trench to remove and replace your existing sewer pipeline. For more info on different methods click on one of the links to the left. Remember with Hunt’s Services, YOUR PROBLEM DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE

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