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Do you have lead in your water?
Corrosion in the pipes?
Cheap plastic that leaks often?
Low water volume?
Horrible tasting water?
Old galvanized?
Rusty brown water?
Is your copper pitting?

There are many reasons that you might need a repipe. What ever those reasons are we can help! With several hundred years of combined experience you can rest assured that we will get your job done right the first time.


So you have issues with the piping in your home and you’re not sure where to start. Let me help you understand the process of a proper repiping job and give you a basis of expectation.

  • First thing we need to do is figure out why we are repiping so that when we repipe it won’t ever have to be done again.
  • Second is preparation, you want to plan for having no water for a period of time and if it will be over night you will want to make sure you are ready for it. Clearing out bathroom and kitchen cabinets is always ideal for the customer to do. We don’t mind doing it but it never goes back quite the same.
  • So its time for us to get started. We are first going to go through the home and set up our home protection. This will include carpets, drop cloths, and plastic where applicable. Now we will go through and start opening walls and ceilings as needed for access to the areas where we are repiping taking special care of your home when doing so. Then we will be removing the old piping and cleaning up all messes from this step so we can start the next step.
  • Ok it time for new piping. We use aquapex mainly for water repipes with the exception of customers requesting copper which is ok by me just more expensive. Drain repipes are typically done using ABS plastic pipe. All of our installs are done per the UPC and we make sure all our guys meet our standards with random quality control inspections.
  • After the repiping has been completed we test everything. Flush out any lines that may need it, clean up our mess and make sure the job was completed to your satisfaction. We don’t want you to pay the final portion of the job until you are 100% satisfied with work completed.

We want to thank you in advance for considering us as your repiping specialist. Just know that you will be taken care of the best way possible when you choose Hunt’s for all your service needs.

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