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Hydro Jetting

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Professional hydro jetting carried out by Hunt’s Services will definitely solve your water back up problem. The fact is, whenever water from sinks and the bathroom areas are slow draining, it is likely because there is a blockage that is hindering the free flow of water.

Over a period of time. gunk builds up inside the pipes and solidifies. What this gunk does is effectively reduce the size of the pipe opening from accommodating the volume of water it was meant to drain. With nowhere else to go the water backs up.

The sight of regurgitated water from a pipe is enough to make your stomach turn! It is also unsanitary and could cause health problems (for example, cockroaches are attracted to this waste!).

Hunt’s Services will clean your pipes through a process called hydro jetting. This is where we use special high pressure hose connected to a large tank of water on one end. The other end has a nozzle attached that is inserted into your drainpipes.

Hydro jetting

How it works: once the equipment is turned on, the water is pressurized and shoots out at 3500 psi. This is incredible cleaning power as the process of hydro-jetting cuts through all that tough grease and gunk like a hot knife through butter!

Hydrojetting can also be used on outdoor pipes where plant debris usually piles up over time. This is no match for hydrojetting! What many people do not realize is that we can also hydrojet your sewer pipes to clear them of waste.

Hunt’s Services is a professional plumbing company that will take care of all your plumbing problems. Where others have dropped the ball in service, we’re here to give you the best all-around service for your money! Give us a call today at 253-927-5862!

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