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The sump pump below your home serves an important role in keeping your home dry. As water moves in around the foundation or rises up from the water table, the drainage system collects the water, diverts it to the sump pump and then it is pumped away from your home. It keeps your property dry, but homeowners need to maintain it for continued protection.

Sump pumps sit in a basin where water is allowed to collect. A series of buried pipes below the home collect water from around the foundation and deposit it in this basin. When the water reaches a certain level, the pump turns on and removes it from the basin. If the pump stops working, the water will overflow the basin and eventually flood into the basement or crawlspace.



Severe storms can overwhelm any sump pump if the water is flowing in at a faster rate than the pump can remove it. Homeowners can expect that a hurricane or other flooding may simply overwhelm the pump. While people cannot prevent storms or floods, other problems can be prevented with some simple maintenance.

Here are a few simple maintenance tips:

• Keep it Upright –A pump that has fallen over will not work. Pumps vibrate while they work, and this can cause them to tip enough to jam the float arm. The pump position should be checked at the same time as the GFCI.
• Check the Operation – The worst time to discover a pump has died is when a storm is raging outside. When the weather is nice and dry, homeowners should pour a bucket of water into the catch basin to ensure that the pump is working properly. If it does not turn on and remove the water, call for service from Hunt’s.
• Clear the Vent Hole – The discharge pipe should take water at least 20 feet away from the structure. However, the hole at the end can become clogged with debris. Check the outlet occasionally to ensure that it is still clean.
• Loss of Power – The biggest failings of sump pumps is that they don’t work when the power goes out. Unfortunately, this is most likely to happen during a severe storm. Homeowners should invest in battery backups or systems that can run on a generator if the power goes out.

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