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One of the most disastrous events that can occur in your home is a sewer backup. Hunt’s Services understands this problem very well and we know how to prevent it. Prevention, after all, is the homeowner’s most important tool!

We are the best drain cleaning and clog removal service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. We’ve been doing this work for our loyal customers for years. We are knowledgeable about every problem that can cause a drain to back up and we also know how to fix the problem quickly.

Our company has the equipment and skilled plumbers to use the latest equipment available to find the problem.

We can cut through the clog with special equipment and flush the bits right out to the city line. At Hunt’s Services, we employ the use of sewer cameras to inspect your sewer line or drain to get an accurate assessment of the nature of your blockage or break. Also once our job is complete, running the mini-cam through the line again will enable us to determine if the task is complete so you can rest assure the job has been done correctly.

Often the drain line wall has a buildup of foreign material that needs to be removed. We have water jet system that will handle this very easily and leave the drain clean.

Whether you have a clogged toilet, sink, drain or any other plumbing problem in the Tacoma Seattle area, Hunts Services can provide you with fast, courteous service to find and fix your clogged drain problems.

Don’t let drain cleaning be a problem for you! Call Hunt’s Services today at (253) 927-5862 to schedule an appointment!

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