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When there is an issue with your home sewer line, you, as the homeowner, are responsible for fixing it. Your private side sewer runs from your home directly to the city’s main line. If there is an issue between your home and the main line, you must pay to have it fixed before it does any damage to your property.

In places like Seattle and Tacoma, you can request more information on your side sewer, including a map, directly from local city officials. More information is available by contacting the city government directly. You can also speak with an experienced Seattle/Tacoma plumber, like the experts at Hunt’s Servicesl, to figure out what your responsibility is in this situation.

It is generally better to have issues like this looked at by a professional right away, before they have a chance to worsen and do serious damage to your home, property, or belongings. Call us at 253-927-5862 today to ensure that we can get started on your sewer repair in Tacoma as quickly as possible.

Our technicians have dealt with every type of sewer line problem imaginable and can get to the bottom of your issue in no time at all. In many cases, we will send a camera down your sewer line to find the problem, allowing us to see exactly what is going on and then come up with the proper solution.

How to Avoid Sewer Line Problems

While some problems with your King County sewer lines aren’t avoidable, others can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions. If you haven’t run into any issues with your Seattle sewer line yet, but want to prevent issues from arising in the future, following a few simple rules can yield results.

For starters, avoid putting any garbage into your toilet. This includes items like baby wipes or diapers, which are frequently flushed, but can do a great deal of damage to a sewer system. The less you put into your sewer line, the easier it becomes to avoid problems and the less drain cleaning you will have to do. If you can get away with putting an item in the garbage, do it.

You might also want to have your sewer line inspected and serviced every few years, just to ensure that everything is in working order. An sewer line inspection is an affordable, reliable way to diagnose potential sewer line issues before they have the chance to become serious and to make sure that you receive the necessary service.

Common Sewer Line Issues

At the same time, other sewer issues aren’t really avoidable and, therefore, you might not even know that something is wrong until your plumbing stops working altogether or you end up with a pool of water in your yard. The following are common sewer line issues in Seattle that your plumber will check.

For starters, you’ll want your technician to check for offset joints. This occurs when there is an uneven connection between the pipe segments on your property. These uneven connections can eventually lead to sewer problems if they are not corrected.

You could also have holes in your pipes. Once you end up with holes in your pipes, the soil surrounding the pipe could erode into it, causing debris to build up. This debris will then block the flow of water, leading to a backed up system. Cracks in the pipe cause similar problems and are usually the result of a pipe that hasn’t been installed properly. Roots can also penetrate the pipe and cause cracking.

Sagging pipes are common in Puget Sound because the earth frequently shifts. Once one side of a pipe sags, it becomes more difficult for waste to get through the pipes. You can have a sagging pipe fixed, much like these other issues, but you’ll want to have it looked at before the pipe has a chance to break.

If you’re lucky, the only issue might be debris that is stuck in your sewer pipe. If this is the cause, a plumber should be able to fix the problem in a hurry. Hydrojetting is a quick and easy process that Hunt’s Services often uses to remove debris from a pipe. It is safe for the pipes, as well, so there is no risk involved when going this route.

Those who have concrete pipes could run into an issue with exposed aggregate. In basic terms, a concrete pipe is made out of a mix of rock and cement. When the cement starts to erode away, the rock is exposed, leading to severe plumbing problems. In some cases, you might be able to continue using the pipe, but you’ll have to have it inspected every couple of years.

Taking Care of Your Sewer Repair

Of course, your first step you should take when experiencing a broken sewer line in need of repair is to call an experienced plumber. Hunt’s Services is standing by at 253-927-5862.

Once you have contacted us, we will have a look at your sewer line to come up with a plan of action. If it is decided that a repair is needed, keep in mind that you will need a side sewer permit from the city before we can get started. We will explore options like trenchless sewer repair before digging up your yard, which is sure to save you some hassle, as well.

If you cannot afford your King and Pierce County sewer repair, you might still have some options at your disposal. In both Seattle and Tacoma, you can apply for a low-interest home repair loan to get the work done. In some situations, low-income households can actually receive this money interest-free, so get in touch with the city to see what your sewer repair options might be.

No matter why your sewer line is in need of repair, Hunt’s Services is here to help. Give us a call at 253-927-5862 and we’ll send a technician out immediately to have a look. We are open 24-hours per day and seven days a week, so no matter when disaster strike, we are here for you.

Once we’re on the job, your problem doesn’t stand a chance. Check out Jason’s Service Guarantee for all your plumbing and sewer service needs.

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