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One of the most disastrous events that can occur in your home is a sewer backup. Hunt’s Services understands this problem very well and we have the knowledge and are the experienced plumber you need to fix your backed up sewer problem. We can also show you how to prevent a blocked sewer in the future because prevention, after all, is the homeowner’s most important tool!

We are the best drain cleaning and clog removal service in the Pierce and King County areas. We’ve been doing this work for our loyal customers for years. We are knowledgeable about every problem that can cause a drain and sewer to back up and we also know how to fix your clogged sewer problem quickly.

Our company has the latest tools and technology and experienced plumbers to quickly and efficiently clean your clogged sewers and drains. One of our favorite methods of sewer cleaning is hydrojetting.

Professional hydrojetting carried out by Hunt’s Services can sometimes be the best solution to solve your clogged sewer and drain problem. The fact is, whenever water from sinks and the bathroom areas are slow draining, it is likely because there is a blockage that is hindering the free flow of water.

Over a period of time gunk builds up inside the pipes and solidifies. What this gunk does is effectively reduce the size of the sewer pipe opening from accommodating the volume of water it was meant to drain. With nowhere else to go the water backs up. Hunt’s Plumbing and Mechanical will clean your pipes through a process called hydrojetting.  This process uses special high pressure hose connected to a large tank of water on one end and the other end has a nozzle attached that is inserted into your drainpipes to clean out the blockage in your clogged sewer.

We have also found that oftentimes, sewer and drain pipes are clogged by something called “root intrusion”. Roots are attracted to the water that can leak out of your older drain and sewer pipes. These roots over time can create a blocked drain or clogged sewer and experience has shown us that hydrojetting is the safest solution for clearing roots out of blocked and clogged drains and sewers.

No matter what the cause of your clogged sewer, our plumbers can cut through your sewer clog with special equipment and plumbing tools like hydrojetting and flush your clogged sewer line. After we clean your clogged sewer, we will do a camera inspection to confirm you no longer have a clogged sewer or clogged drain.

We want to make sure your sewer and drains are clean and clear! Don’t let a blocked sewer and blocked drain be a problem for you! Click HERE to call or email to schedule an appointment.

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