Running into furnace issues is never fun. The winter can quickly get quite uncomfortable if you don’t have a functional furnace, so it is always a good idea to keep your furnace functional throughout the year.

    One way to accomplish this is to call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500. We will send a certified HVAC technician over to your home to ensure that your furnace is in working condition.

    If something is wrong with your heating unit, we will do everything in our power to service and repair it. In some cases, however, we might recommend that you go through with a complete furnace replacement.

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    Hunt’s Services proudly represents the American Standard brand for furnace replacements. Hunt’s Services was personally chosen by the owner of Hunt’s Services because of the quality of equipment, the ease of maintenance for the homeowner, and a great warranty for homeowners!

    Give us a call today to have a look at your furnace and to determine if now is the time to go ahead with a replacement or if you can utilize our furnace repair service.

    Hunt’s Services provides a full range of furnace replacement services and we also represent other well-known furnace brands. We can help you determine which system is the best fit for your home, professionally install it, and keep it running smoothly with regular maintenance. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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    Reasons to Replace Your Furnace

    There are two main reasons why you might want to replace the existing furnace in your home:


    The first, and most obvious, reason to go ahead with a furnace replacement is that your existing one has stopped functioning. Generally speaking, furnaces have a life expectancy of 15-25 years, depending on the make, model, amount of usage, and maintenance record.

    Once your furnace starts reaching the end of its life expectancy, you should start looking for its replacement. In certain situations, your existing furnace could break down and stop functioning, at which time you will have to quickly go out and find its replacement.

    Save Money

    The other reason to invest in a newer furnace is to save money. Newer furnaces are far more efficient than older models and you will save money each and every month by upgrading.

    As a rule, based on Tacoma / Seattle energy prices, you can expect to save about 20% per month on your heating bill by upgrading to a high efficiency model, so do the math to see if this is a good option for you.

    The Efficiency of Modern Furnaces

    Of course, none of these old-style methods of heating the home were very efficient. Today, all gas furnaces on the market have efficiency ratings of over 95%, which means that over 95% of the natural gas that is used by these units is converted into heat. Older heating methods would operate at 60% efficiency or less, so you can see how much energy and, therefore, money you can save by going through with an upgrade.

    At Hunt’s Services, we represent the American Standard Brand, which we feel is the gold standard in this industry. The company has a wide variety of options available, including high efficiency units, so we will be able to install exactly what you need.

    Heat pumps are also a viable replacement option in the Seattle / Tacoma area due to our temperate climate in the Northwest that can serve as both an efficient heating and cooling system for your home or business. We offer many brands, such as American Standard, and types of heat pumps including air source and ductless mini-split heat pumps.

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    Choosing the Right Size

    Before you can go through with your furnace replacement, you’ll want to make sure that you are selecting the right size and Hunt’s Services will help you with this process.

    You won’t want to purchase a furnace that is too large for your home, since it will turn off and on too frequently, which could limit its life expectancy. Select a furnace that is too small, however, and the unit will have to run continuously and might not be able to keep up with your heating demands.

    Also, remember that the size that you need isn’t just about the square footage of your home, but it also takes the number of rooms, the number of heating days needed, the position of your windows, your home’s insulation levels, and much more into consideration.

    This might seem like a lot, but that’s why we’re here to walk you through the entire decision making process.

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    Heating Your Home Efficiently

    Give us a chance to replace your furnace and you won’t regret your decision. Our goal in this situation is to determine the best course of action for you to take with your furnace repair or replacement so that you save money and don’t have to worry about your home’s heating system for years to come.

    Our expert furnace technicians are standing by in the Tacoma, Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, Olympia and Federal Way areas and can visit your home right away, so that you don’t have to go without heat should your furnace be experiencing difficulties.

    Give us a call at 253-533-7500 to start this process immediately and to ensure that your home is properly heated for winter. We can also deal with your furnace service and maintenance throughout the year.