Sewer problems can cause significant issues around your home because they could leave you unable to use your plumbing fixtures. Fortunately, sewer repair in Sammamish, Washington, is just a phone call away.

    Hunt’s Services has a team of licensed, certified technicians available to handle any sewer repair issue you encounter. Our plumbers have seen it all, allowing them to diagnose and fix any problems you experience with your plumbing service.

    Hiring a professional contractor from the get-go ensures the job is appropriately handled, preventing property damage and streamlining the repair.

    Give Hunt’s Services a call a 253-533-7500 to begin your Sammamish sewer repair today. We also provide service in cities and towns throughout King County and the rest of Puget Sound.

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    The Symptoms of a Plumbing Emergency

    Are you unsure if you need to call a plumber? You can probably get by for a few days without professional assistance in some situations, while you’ll want immediate help in others.

    Sewer Water

    For example, if you can see sewer water coming from your pipes, you’ll want to call Hunt’s Services without hesitation. This sewage will do significant damage to your home if you don’t address the underlying cause right away, and it could also lead to health issues for you and your family.

    Sewage Smell

    Similarly, if you can smell sewage on your property, it’s highly recommended that you call a plumber. The reason is that there’s a chance you have a crack or break in your sewer line somewhere beneath your home or landscaping, and a repair is the only way to fix the problem.

    When you notice that your fixtures aren’t draining and sewage is coming back up your pipes, you likely have a significant clog that will require professional intervention. This issue could also mean you have a broken pipe preventing waste from draining to the city main.

    Sewer inspection

    Slow Drains

    Finally, slowly draining sinks and tubs could signal an issue with your sewer line. While there’s a chance the problem is isolated to a single drain, it could also mean your entire sewer line is clogged. This problem will require a plumber because it’s unlikely a blockage of this size will work its way out.

    The professionals at Hunt’s Services are available at 253-533-7500 to help with these and any other plumbing issues you experience in Sammamish, Washington. Call us today to get started on your plumbing repair.

    What Causes Many Sammamish Plumbing Problems

    You could run into plumbing problems in Sammamish, WA, for many reasons.

    Tree Roots

    For example, most neighborhoods in Sammamish have significant tree cover, particularly the areas near Lake Sammamish and Soaring Eagle Regional Park. While these trees are beautiful, they can cause problems for plumbing systems because of their extensive roots.

    These roots can wrap around your sewer line, puncturing or breaking the pipe in the process. If you live in a neighborhood with large trees, it’s a good idea to have a technician check for this problem and provide a solution if possible.

    Heavy Rainfall

    The heavy rainfall in Sammamish, Washington, is also an issue for sewer systems because it can create a problem called pipe sagging. As it rains, the soil beneath your yard supporting your sewer line can erode, leaving the pipe supporting more weight than it can handle. Eventually, the line will begin to sag and could break under the stress, too.

    Sammamish experienced most of its population growth in the 1970s and 80s, but there are some older houses in the community, as well. The problem is that homes built before the 1970s could have clay pipes, which are brittle and prone to deteriorating. Being proactive regarding these pipes is a good idea, as replacing them with PVC or ABS could save you significant problems in the future.

    Heavy rainfall affecting underground pipes

    Food Waste Disposal

    Finally, if you’re guilty of disposing of food waste, including oil and grease, in your plumbing fixtures, you could end up with problems. The issue is that these materials harden in your pipes as they cool and could end up causing a severe clog or break over time. It’s best to throw these items in the garbage to protect your plumbing.

    Hunt’s Services is standing by to address sewer problems caused by any of these issues. Give us a call at 253-533-7500 in Sammamish, Washington, and the rest of King County today.

    Hunt’s Services Sewer Repairs

    You’d probably like some information on how Hunt’s Services will assist with your Sammamish sewer repair before contacting us. However, the process we’ll utilize depends on the problem at hand.

    Camera Sewer Inspection

    Unless the damage is obvious, we’ll probably begin your repair with a camera sewer inspection. This camera lets us see inside your sewer line and identify any blockages or breaks present.

    Trenchless Sewer Repair

    Broken or cracked sewer lines require a more intensive repair. The good news is that we offer trenchless sewer repairs in Sammamish, Washington, which allows us to repair or replace a section of pipe without excavating large areas of your yard.


    Obstructions in your sewer line are sometimes removed via hydro jetting. This technique involves shooting a stream of water into your drain to clear any debris restricting water flow. Not to worry, though, as hydro jetting is entirely safe for your pipes.


    Keep in mind that excavation is sometimes necessary, but the pros at Hunt’s Services will do everything possible to limit damage to your yard while restoring your plumbing.

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    Reach out to Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to start your sewer repair or air conditioning installation today.