Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood is a solid mix of high-rise apartments and historic mansions, all overlooking the city’s downtown core. The area was first inhabited by many of Seattle’s elites in the 1890s because the town center was accessible from this location, yet far enough away that it felt like a retreat.

    With all the history on First Hill, it’s easy to forget that sewer problems can occur at any time, and are particularly common in older buildings.

    Whether you own one of these historic mansions, a smaller home, or an apartment building, having a professional available to work on any plumbing issues that you encounter is essential.

    If you find yourself dealing with a broken or cracked sewer line, give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll send a licensed, certified technician to your home or commercial property right away. From there, we’ll diagnose the issue, come up with a repair plan, and fix your plumbing, so that you aren’t left without your sewer services for long.

    Here’s what you need to know about sewer repair on Washington State’s First Hill.
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    Is it Time to Contact Hunt’s Services?

    An issue that property owners frequently run into is not knowing when it’s time to call a plumber.

    Here are some scenarios where you should 100% contact us.

    Sewage Smell

    If you head out your front door and notice a strong sewage smell, you could have a leak under your landscaping. This situation could be an emergency, and you’ll want to have Hunt’s Services on the job quickly to avoid further damage.

    Sewage Pooling

    An even more pressing scenario is if you see a pool of sewer water either inside or outside your home or business. In this situation, you have a significant leak that is probably caused by a crack or break in your sewer line.

    Sewage in Drains

    When a clog or break isn’t allowing your sewer line to empty into the city pipe, there’s nowhere for your waste to go but back into your home. If you notice this happening in your house or commercial building, you have a plumbing emergency that a professional should handle.

    Sewage in drains

    Slow Drains

    When all of your drains are slow, it usually means there is a significant clog or break somewhere in the main sewer pipe. Hunt’s Services uses a hydro jetting technique that can quickly alleviate this issue, if it is a clog, so give us a call to get us on the job.

    How These Sewer Line Problems Occur on First Hill

    First Hill has a unique set of plumbing difficulties because the area is a mix of residential and commercial buildings.

    Grease in Drains

    For example, in an apartment building, we might see sewer line problems emerge because of residents putting too much oil, grease, and other debris down the drains. When you have hundreds of people living in the same building, the chances of something going wrong with the plumbing increase.

    The same goes for restaurants and other businesses. If your staff takes shortcuts and empties grease into your sinks, you’re sure to have problems in the future. That’s why it’s critical to have your sewer pipes checked when you notice your fixtures draining slowly, as there could be some debris that has accumulated over time that is now causing a significant issue. If this is the case, you likely need a drain cleaning.

    Sagging Pipes

    Another cause of sewer line problems on First Hill is sagging pipes. Pipes sag when there is too much weight placed on them. In periods of heavy rain, the soil beneath the pipe erodes, leaving less support for your sewer line, which can cause sagging.

    Heavy rainfall affecting underground pipes

    Tree Roots

    Tree roots tend to wrap around sewer lines in this area, which can lead to cracks and breaks. These roots can expand for great distances underground, so even if there aren’t any large trees on your property, they can still cause issues for you.

    What Does a Visit From Hunt’s Services Entail?

    So, you’ve come to terms with the fact that you need the help of a professional plumbing company, but how does our service work?
    1. The first step is to call us at 253-533-7500 and describe the problem. We’ll then send a licensed technician to your home to inspect the damage.
    2. We’ll do a camera inspection of your sewer line where we insert a specialized device into your pipe to have a look at the damage. This technique allows us to see how serious the problem is and where it is located.
    3. The hope is that we can complete a trenchless sewer repair. Using this method, rather than digging up your yard to repair your pipe, we inflate the damaged section with a bladder and fill it with resin. The resin then cures into a new segment of sewer line, and your repair is complete.
    4. Another trenchless pipe repair method involves bursting the broken pipe into the soil and replacing it with a new section.
      We always try to avoid excavation, particularly in population-dense urban areas like First Hill, because it makes the job much more challenging.
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    Hunt’s Services is Standing By

    Your plumbing issues can make your life extremely difficult, but Hunt’s Services is here to help. Give us a call at 253-533-7500 to get us started on your sewer drain repair.