When you run into sewer problems in Green Lake, Seattle Washington, having them repaired as quickly as possible is essential. After all, you wouldn’t want a cracked or broken sewer pipe leaking waste into your home or yard. For that reason, finding a reliable and affordable sewer repair contractor is an immediate need when you experience an issue.

    Green Lake is a mostly residential area in north-central Seattle that features a lake of the same name, in addition to a beach, a public theater, multiple parks, a library, and some restaurants. Its location along Interstate 5 makes it easily accessible, and it’s also very close to Woodland Park Zoo.

    A plumbing problem in Green Lake can quickly turn life in this idyllic neighborhood into a disaster, however, which is why you should be aware that Hunt’s Services is just a quick phone call away.

    The second you notice that something is wrong with your sewer system, you’ll want to call Hunt’s Services.

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    When to Call a Plumber

    One difficulty that you might experience with your sewer line issue is not knowing when it’s time to call a technician. After all, you probably don’t want to spend money on a problem unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Sewage Pooling

    There are some scenarios where you’ll obviously want to call Hunt’s Services right away. For example, if you notice a pool of sewer water in your yard or home, it means that you have a crack or break in your sewer line that will require immediate attention.

    Sewage Smells

    Another scenario where calling Hunt’s Services right away is necessary is if you smell sewage anywhere on your property. This smell could come from inside the home or even somewhere in your yard. Often times, odors like this occur when there is a crack in the sewer line.

    Sewage in Drains

    A third situation where you should call us right away is when sewage comes back up your pipes and into your plumbing fixtures. When this happens, there is either a serious clog or break in your line that is preventing waste from reaching the city’s main line.

    Sewage in drains

    Clogged Drains

    A less obvious situation where it’s a good idea to call an expert is when you have slow or clogged drains. Basically, when one drain is slow, the problem is probably isolated to a single fixture, making it an easy fix. When all of your pipes are sluggish, however, you could have a more severe problem that you’ll want to have diagnosed and repaired by a technician.

    What’s Causing Your Problem?

    There are many different reasons why you’re experiencing sewer line problems, and much of it comes down to where you live, the age of your home, and how well you maintain your pipes.

    Tree Roots

    In Green Lake, for example, we have a lot of trees, many of which are very old. While these large trees are beautiful, they cause problems with sewer lines because of their root systems. As a tree grows, its roots expand underground in search of moisture. These roots can eventually reach your sewer line, wrapping around and puncturing it.

    Pipe Sagging

    Another common issue in Green Lake, Washington, is pipe sagging. The gist is that during periods of heavy rain, the soil in your yard can erode and wash away. This dirt is supporting your pipes, however, and when it’s no longer present, more strain is put on your sewer line. Over time, the pipe can start to sag and, eventually, crack or break under this extra weight.

    Heavy rainfall affecting underground pipes

    Old Pipes

    The age of your home is a factor in the health of your sewer line. Older homes tend to have pipes that are well beyond their intended life cycle. If you live in an old house and the sewer system has not received an upgrade, you could run into problems.

    If you’re guilty of putting grease or fat into your pipes, you could run into a problem. While doing this once or twice likely won’t lead to issues, those who consistently dispose of fat in this manner are setting themselves up for long-term problems. As the grease hardens, it clogs the line and catches more debris. As this debris builds up, it can lead to a significant clog or even a break in your line.

    How Hunt’s Services Handles Your Repair

    Hunt’s Services has a variety of techniques available to handle your Green Lake, Washington sewer repair project.

    Camera Inspection

    We start most jobs off with a sewer camera inspection, as this allows us to see inside of your pipes and determine the size and location of the problem. Then, we can come up with a repair plan.

    Drain Cleaning

    If we’re dealing with a small clog, we’ll start with a drain cleaning. We have a few different techniques that we can use, depending on the size and location of the issue.

    Trenchless Repair

    We’ll usually utilize our trenchless sewer repair techniques, which involve repairing the pipe with a resin and bladder system or replacing a section of your sewer line with a process called pipe busting.


    When a trenchless repair isn’t possible, we’ll excavate a small section of your yard. We only do this when absolutely necessary, however, and always handle the job in a minimally invasive manner.

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    We’re Here to Help

    Hunt’s Services is available around the clock to handle all of your sewer repair problems in Green Lake. Our team of certified technicians has seen every issue imaginable in this area and is completely prepared to fix your sewer line quickly and efficiently, including emergency plumbing sewer repair in the evenings or weekend.

    Give us a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll have your sewer system in Green Lake up and running in no time at all.