You never want to experience a severe problem with your sewer line. It’s a horrifying experience because our plumbing systems are something that we rely on every day of our lives.

    In Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, Hunt’s Services is standing by seven days a week to handle all of your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical needs.

    If you notice a problem with your sewer line, or even if your drains aren’t working as they should, call us at 253-533-7500, and we’ll get started on the repair.

    That way, you won’t have to go long without having full use of one of your home’s most essential components.

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    Common Sewer Line Problems

    Tree Roots

    One of the more common causes of sewer line problems in Queen Anne is tree roots. When these roots grow too large, they eventually wrap themselves around your pipes. From there, the roots can break through your sewer line, causing a leak. That happens because the trees are drawn to water, and since the pipes contain moisture, the roots will grow towards them. A neighborhood with old houses like Queen Anne is particularly susceptible to this type of issue because old homes usually have old growth trees with extensive root systems nearby. The City of Seattle Public Utilities manages the city’s sewer system but is not responsible for side sewer problems.

    Sagging Sewer Line

    Another issue you’ll have to worry about is a sagging sewer line. In a wet, coastal climate like Seattle, your soil can get oversaturated with rainwater. This wetness can cause the sewer pipe to sag because the earth is unable to support it. Once there is a sag, waste can build up in that part of the pipe, leading to blockages.

    Heavy rainfall affecting underground pipes

    Improper Draining

    Putting grease down your drains could lead to you requiring a sewer line repair in Queen Anne. Once you let fat into your pipes, it sticks to the inside and hardens. As more grease and debris accumulate, your pipes could crack or break, so you’ll need it fixed before it reaches that point.

    Old Pipes

    Sometimes, sewer lines just break. Sometimes they get old or environmental factors like shifting soil, or bulky yard equipment can damage them. You might even see your pipes start to disintegrate as they get older, especially if they’re made from clay or metal. As your line gets older, it could break, and you’ll need to have it fixed.

    How to Tell if Your Sewer Line is Damaged

    Some quick detective work will inform you that there’s a problem. From there, give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500, so we can get started on fixing it right away.

    Sewage Smells

    The most obvious sign of a sewer line break is a bad smell. If there is the stench of sewage anywhere on your property, this immediately becomes an emergency and you’ll want to get us on the issue right away.

    Sewage Pooling

    A less obvious sign could be a pool of sewage on your lawn. That is something that you might not notice right away, however, since the puddle will start underground and have to work its way up. It’s likely that you’d smell the issue before you notice a pool of sewage, but once you can see the sewer water, it means that damage under your landscaping could be significant.

    Slow Drains

    When all of your drains are slow, it could mean that you require a sewer pipe repair. As a general rule, if one drain is slow, it’s a problem inside your home in an isolated pipe, but if all of them are slow, it’s an issue with the main sewer line.

    Sewage in Fixtures

    When sewage runs back up your drains and into your plumbing fixtures, you likely have a serious problem. At the same time, there’s a chance that we can repair your Queen Anne sewer line before it does significant damage to your property, so make sure you call us right away.

    Getting Your Sewer Line Fixed

    The process we’ll use to fix your sewer line depends on the location of the damage and how serious it is.

    Camera Inspections

    We’ll begin by inspecting the entire system. Often times, this involves putting a camera down your sewer line to have a better look at the clog or break. If it’s just a clog, we have numerous techniques we can use to eliminate it. If the sewer line is cracked or broken, we’ll have to go a little deeper.

    Trenchless Repair

    When possible, Hunt’s Services will use a trenchless pipe repair technique where we install a lining in your pipe without digging up your yard. This solution is ideal and something that we try to use whenever possible.


    If the damage is too severe to repair using our trenchless method, we’ll have to excavate a portion of your yard. Our technicians are experienced with this process and know how to make the repair while displacing as little of your landscaping as possible.

    Whether it’s a simple drain cleaning, installing a pipe lining or a complete pipe repair, you can trust that the service we use is chosen with your best interests in mind.

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    Trust Hunt’s Services

    Hunt’s Services is available around the clock in Queen Anne Hill to take care of all of your plumbing needs. If you ever find yourself with a faulty sewer line, all you have to do is call 253-533-7500, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

    Seeing a pool of sewage in your yard or having your toilet not flush isn’t a great situation, but Hunt’s Services can eliminate the stress and ensure that your system is back up and running in no time at all.