A sewer repair job in Seattle’s Rainier Valley neighborhood isn’t something you’ll want to leave too long because it could lead to damage to your property. As with any plumbing issue, you should have your sewer repair handled quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse.

    Living in Rainier Valley puts you in a central part of South Seattle, east of Interstate 5 and just a few minutes from downtown. Rainier Valley has mix of commercial and residential neighborhoods that are some of the most ethnically and economically diverse in Seattle. Rainier Valley is one of the older neighborhoods of Seattle founded by Italians at the turn of the last century. Therefore, many homes and businesses have sewer lines that are susceptible to breaks or clogs due to their age.

    If you run into an issue with your sewer system in Rainier Valley, your first call should be to Hunt’s Services. Our team of certified, licensed technicians is standing by at 253-533-7500, so be sure to contact us if you run into a crack or leak in your sewer line.

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    Is it Time to Call Hunt’s Services?

    One of the more difficult things to figure out in regards to plumbing problems is if you need to call a plumber or not. After all, you don’t want to bring in a professional unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Sewer Water

    When you find a pool of sewer water in your home or yard, however, it’s a surefire sign that it’s time to contact Hunt’s Services. This scenario likely means that you have a break in your sewer line that is allowing waste to come up through your landscaping. You’ll probably want to take advantage of our emergency plumbing service in this situation because it should be dealt with immediately.

    Sewage Smell

    You’ll also want to give us a call right away if you smell sewage in your home or yard. In this situation, you likely have an underground leak that is slowly causing sewage water to enter your house or landscaping. If you don’t have the leak fixed right away, you’ll eventually end up with a much more severe problem.

    If your fixtures start filling up with waste from your drains, it means that you have a serious clog or a break in your sewer line. This is another issue that won’t fix itself, so you’ll want to get us on the job right away.

    Sewer inspection

    Slow Drains

    Finally, when your drains are slow, you could have a problem that is serious enough to warrant calling a plumber. Keep an eye on all of your fixtures because when one drain is slow, there is probably a small isolated problem. When all of your pipes empty slowly, however, the problem is far more significant. Either way, a drain cleaning is likely in order.

    What is Causing Your Sewer Issues?

    It’s a good idea to figure out what’s causing your sewer repair issues in Rainier Valley in hopes that you can prevent them from happening in the future.

    Pipe Sagging

    One problem that you can’t really prepare for is pipe sagging, which usually occurs when the soil beneath your grass erodes because of heavy rain. When this dirt washes away, there’s nothing left to support your sewer line, and it eventually starts to sag and, ultimately, crack. Leaving heavy equipment on your lawn can also lead to pipe sagging, so try to avoid that whenever possible.

    Tree Roots

    Another issue that you can’t really prepare for is when tree roots crack or break your sewer line. There are many large trees in Rainier Valley, and with big trees comes an extensive root system. These roots can extend from neighboring properties, wrapping around and breaking your pipes. There isn’t much you can do to prevent this from occurring, but you will require a technician to repair or replace your sewer line.

    Tree roots breaking underground pipes

    Improper Draining

    One sewer line problem that you can prevent is grease and fat clogging your drain pipe. While disposing of products in this way won’t cause an immediate issue, you’ll notice the sewer line slow down over time as the hardened grease catches more debris. Eventually, you could end up with a crack in your line if the issue gets bad enough.

    Old Pipes

    You’ll also want to keep the age of your home in mind when it comes to sewer repair. If you live in an older house and the pipes haven’t been upgraded, there’s a chance they could break. This is especially true if you have clay pipes, as this technology hasn’t been used for a long time because it’s prone to cracking.

    The Hunt’s Services Repair Process

    In Rainier Valley, Washington, Hunt’s Services begins most repairs with a camera inspection. This inspection allows us to see inside your sewer line to identify the location and severity of the problem. From there, we can come up with a plan.
    We like to use trenchless sewer repair techniques because they leave your landscaping virtually untouched. Two of the more popular methods involve inflating the broken pipe with a bladder and patching it with resin and bursting a piece of the old sewer line into the soil and replacing it with a new section.

    Both of these methods are non-invasive, so you’re not left with a significant clean-up after Hunt’s Services has completed the repair.

    In situations where we do excavate, we are respectful of your property and displace as little of your lawn as possible.

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    The Hunt’s Services Difference

    Sewer line problems are never a good thing, but Hunt’s Services aims to deal with your repair project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Our team is standing by at 253-533-7500 to help with any pipe repair issues that you encounter in Rainier Valley, Washington.