Hunt’s Services will repair or replace any damage or blockage to your sewer line for your property in Buckley. According to Pierce County code, the homeowner is responsible for the connecting pipe from their residence to the main sewer line. Your sewer line is responsible for carrying waste away from your home. A broken sewer line is never a good thing. That’s why it’s essential to contact a contractor offering sewer repair in Buckley, Washington, the second you notice an issue.

The contractor you choose will ensure this vital piece of infrastructure remains operational, putting your mind at ease and preventing damage to your property. A broken or clogged sewer system can quickly escalate, but professional technicians can easily repair most issues.

Hunt’s Services can provide the sewer repair in Buckley, WA, you require. Our team of licensed, certified plumbers will diagnose your sewer problem in a hurry, ensuring this invaluable service isn’t disrupted for long.

Give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500 to begin your sewer line repair today. Our technicians are standing by to diagnose and fix your problem, and we offer emergency service, too.