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    Hunt’s Services provides affordable and fast sewer repair services of all types to the residents of Frederickson, WA. Our licensed, certified plumbers are available to assist with any sewer system problems you encounter, making your home livable and ensuring you can welcome customers to your commercial property.

    You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to sewer repair because having the ability to remove waste from your home is incredibly important. You want to ensure the contractor you select can handle the job quickly and efficiently and that you won’t have to call for repairs on your sewer system repeatedly.

    Hunt’s Services has a team of experienced plumbers who can handle your sewer repair, no matter the issue. Call us at 253-533-7500 to book an appointment in Frederickson or anywhere else in Pierce County. We’ll get to your plumbing repair as quickly as possible, limiting property damage and ensuring you don’t have to go another day without a functional sewer system.

    The First Steps

    Before all else, you’ll have to figure out if a plumber is necessary. In some cases, the issue might be minor enough that you can handle the repair yourself. However, getting a professional on the job is usually advisable to ensure it’s done right.

    One scenario where calling a technician is essential is when you can smell sewage in your home or elsewhere on your property. This symptom often means a crack or break in your sewer line will require attention immediately.

    The same goes for a situation where you can see sewer water coming up from under your lawn or dripping from a pipe. A cracked or broken sewer line is a serious issue that requires repair before you can use your fixtures again.

    A situation where your fixtures don’t empty when you pull a drain plug or flush the toilet isn’t as severe as leaking sewage, but it is something you’ll want to address. You could require a drain cleaning in this scenario, which the team at Hunt’s Services can handle for you.

    Slowly draining fixtures are another sign of a clogged drain that will require cleaning. Handling the cleaning early in the process not only saves you from service disruption but can also limit the damage this clog does to your pipes.

    Hunt’s Services is here to help with all your sewer repair needs in Frederickson, Washington. Call us at 253-533-7500 to book your appointment with an expert technician today.

    The Cause of Your Plumbing Problem

    Figuring out the cause of your plumbing issue might make it easier to prevent more problems in the future. It also helps as you figure out a plan.

    Frederickson is an incredibly scenic town because of its secluded location and significant tree cover. However, this tree cover can cause problems for sewers because these large old trees have extensive root systems. In short, these roots can travel underground and puncture your sewer line, leaving you with a mess. There isn’t much you can do about tree roots, but you should know they could cause problems in your yard at some point.

    Another issue you can’t do much about is the amount of rain Frederickson gets. This rain can erode the soil under your landscaping, which is responsible for holding your pipes. As the soil washes away, it puts additional stress on your sewer line, leading to a problem called pipe sagging.

    Many of the homes in Frederickson are pretty old, and some could have their original sewer lines. These pipes are probably made from clay, which gets brittle over time. If you believe you have clay pipes in your home, proactively replacing them before they fail is a good idea.

    Finally, disposing of grease and oil in your sinks might be convenient, but it will surely create plumbing problems in the future. These materials harden as they cool, leaving you with a clogged pipe that could take some professional intervention to repair.

    No matter the plumbing issue you’re facing, Hunt’s Services can help you in Frederickson and the rest of Western Washington. Call us at 253-533-7500 to book your appointment with an experienced technician.

    How to Repair a Sewer System

    The sewer repair technique we’ll use depends on the problem. The process often begins with a sewer camera inspection, which involves sending a specialized camera into your sewer line to identify the concern.

    From there, we might try hydro jetting any obstructions we see to remove them or try a trenchless sewer repair method like pipe lining or pipe bursting. The technique we’ll use comes down to the problem we find but rest assured, we’ll handle your repair with as little disruption as possible.

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