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    Located just 30 miles from Mount Rainier, Orting, Washington enjoys some of the state’s most outstanding scenery.

    The city in Pierce County is home to over 8,000 residents, and also features excellent parks, outstanding salmon fishing, and the annual Daffodil Parade, creating an altogether desirable place to live.

    With so much beauty in one place, it’s hard to see how anything could go wrong in Orting, but your day can quickly turn for the worst if you experience a sewer line problem.

    The good news is that Hunt’s Services and its team of licensed, certified plumbing technicians is just a phone call away, so the second you run into a problem, contact us.

    Our employees are available 24 hours per day at 253-533-7500 to quickly diagnose and repair any plumbing issue that you experience.

    If you have an issue with your sewer pipe, make sure you get Hunt’s Services on the job as quickly as possible.

    Is it Time to Call Hunt’s Services?

    You might not always know if it’s time a to call a plumber. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a plumbing services call unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    If you smell sewage, you should 100% call Hunt’s because you could have a sewer line leak under your yard. In this situation, there is waste leaking from your pipes and soaking into your soil. Eventually, this water will reach the surface of your lawn, and you’ll have an even more significant problem on your hands.

    It should go without saying, therefore, that if you notice a pool of sewer water in your yard, you should call Hunt’s Services right away. Even if you see this issue in the middle of the night, you’ll want it dealt with before it has the chance to do severe damage to your property.

    When sewage comes up your pipes and into your fixtures, you’ll definitely want to contact us. This scenario often means that you have a serious clog or a break that is preventing waste from reaching the city main. Either way, Hunt’s Services can help by diagnosing and repairing the issue as quickly as possible.

    Having slow drains in your home isn’t always a plumbing repair emergency. Then again, it might be under the right circumstances. How many of your drains are slow? One slow drain means you have an isolated problem, while multiple clogged pipes could signal an issue with your main sewer pipe. Have us check it out to ensure that you don’t have a major underlying problem.

    Why You Have Problems

    We can’t tell for sure what is causing your sewer line issue until we run some diagnostics on your pipes, but in Orting, there are a few common scenarios that play out.

    Tree roots are always puncturing, cracking, and breaking sewer lines in this area. You see, these roots run underground and can stretch out for vast distances. When the roots reach a sewer pipe, they tend to wrap around it, eventually breaking through. The result is an underground leak that will ultimately lead to the sewer smell or sewage in the yard problem that we talked about earlier.

    Another issue that we run into in Orting is pipe sagging. In basic terms, pipe sagging means that the pipe is compromised after holding too much weight. It might not break right away, but it’s only a matter of time once it starts to sag. Even when the pipe doesn’t break, a sagging pipe is more prone to clogs and other issues. Pipe sagging occurs when the soil that is supporting your sewer line washes away during heavy rain, leading to the line having to carry too much weight.

    The age of your pipes could factor in their durability. New homes have PVC sewer lines, but old houses could have clay pipes. Clay tends to get brittle as it reaches the end of its lifespan, so you could end up with serious problems if you have old clay pipes under your home. Have Hunt’s Services check it out and come up with a solution before you have a plumbing disaster.

    People in Orting and other parts of Western Washington are frequently guilty of putting grease and oil down their drains. We get it, as it’s much easier to dispose of waste this way. However, putting oil into your pipes can cause a build-up as it hardens. From there, the debris can damage your sewer line. Best case scenario, you’ll need a drain cleaning. Worst case, we’ll have to repair your main sewer line.

    How We Handle Your Sewer Line Repairs

    There are a few different things we’ll do once we arrive at your home or commercial property in Orting.

    To start, we’ll do a camera inspection to take a look at the inside of your sewer line. This procedure helps us to identify the location of your problem and its severity.

    From there, we’ll likely complete a trenchless sewer repair using a resin and bladder technique. Or, if the problem calls for a section of your pipe to be replaced, we’ll use our pipe bursting technology.

    We always try to avoid excavating, but if we absolutely have to, you can trust that we’ll do it in the least invasive manner possible.

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    Call Hunt’s Services!

    As soon as you notice a problem with your sewer system, call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500. Once our certified, licensed technicians are on the job, your emergency plumbing problem will be fixed in no time at all.