A sump pump in Kent, Washington, can alleviate many of your concerns as a resident, and the team at Hunt’s Services can help. We have experience handling all the sump pump installations and repairs you require, minimizing the chance of flooding at your home or business.

Sump pumps are incredibly valuable for residential and commercial property owners because they remove water from the structure’s lowest point. Water damage can quickly become a nightmare, so having a tool that will pump moisture away from the building from the moment it enters is vital.

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About Sump Pumps

It’s a good idea to learn how sump pumps work before you select one for your building. Developing a basic understanding ensures you’re making an educated decision when purchasing a pump for your home or business.

A sump pump installation begins with a pit. A technician digs a small hole at your building’s lowest point, which is where the pump is installed. This pump is then responsible for removing water from the structure and disposing of it in a separate drainage area before it causes mold formation or flooding.

Your sump pump only activates when water reaches the unit. Each pump is equipped with a float switch, which activates the device when floodwater reaches a certain level and begins filling the pit. You could find yourself in this situation during a massive rainfall or if the snow starts melting quickly during an unseasonably warm spring in the Pacific Northwest.

You should also know that the pit is installed at the building’s lowest point because that’s where water will first enter the structure. Putting the pump at the low point ensures it activates before the moisture can damage your floors or anything you store in your basement or crawlspace.

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Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Figuring out your need for a sump pump is a vital part of the equation. This equipment isn’t necessary for every home or business but can be highly beneficial in many scenarios. Puget Sound sees significant annual rainfall, putting many properties at risk of flooding.

You could have an elevated risk if your home or business sits in a low-lying area. Buildings in low-lying areas often have water pool near them because it always runs downhill. Homeowners who notice water pooling in their driveway might consider a sump pump because it’s only a matter of time before it reaches their foundation and begins entering their house.

You might also need a sump pump if you’ve previously noticed water in your basement or crawlspace. Of course, this water could result from a plumbing leak, which is an entirely different problem altogether that a sump pump won’t necessarily help. But if the moisture is coming from outside, a sump pump could be a solid investment for your property.

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Choosing a Sump Pump

You’ll have a few different sump pump options as you make a selection. Fortunately, your technician can walk you through the process, ensuring you choose the right model to meet your building’s unique needs.

A residential sump pump is probably the best option for your home. These units are less powerful than their commercial counterparts, but they’re also a more economical option and generate enough flow rate to keep your property safe.

The typical residential sump pump has 1/4 horsepower and can move between 1,800 and 2,000 gallons of water every hour. You probably won’t need to remove more water than that from your home, so a residential pump is the way to go.

Commercial sump pumps could have 1/2 horsepower or more, giving them the capacity to remove over 5,000 gallons of water hourly. This flow rate is excellent for commercial structures because there’s more square footage to protect and, therefore, more water that could require your attention.

There are a couple of features you should know about when buying a sump pump, too. A battery backup keeps your pump operational during a power outage, which is invaluable for home and business owners. Some devices also come with an alarm that notifies them when the pump activates, so you know to monitor the situation.

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