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Tacoma Water Heater Installation

Part of being a homeowner is dealing with appliances as they break down. One of the largest, and most important, appliances in your home is the hot water heater. Once your water heater breaks down and is beyond repair, you have no choice but to have it replaced. What you do have choice in, however, is who you trust to handle this water heater replacement in Tacoma.

Hunt’s Services has a full staff of trained technicians who are also certified plumbers. As a result, we can complete your hot water tank replacement from start to finish.

The process begins immediately after you call us at 253-927-5862. From there, we will come to your home, remove the old hot water heater, install a new one, and even take the old one with us when we leave. All of this is included in the price and you won’t find a better deal anywhere else in town.

Reasons for a Tacoma Hot Water Heater Replacement

Hot water heaters break down for a number of reasons. Many times, it is simply old age, as these appliances aren’t built to last forever. In other cases, your water might have a higher than normal mineral count, which could damage the inside of the tank and, eventually, the element.

Water Heater Installation in Tacoma

There are two different types of water heaters that you can choose when having yours replaced. The first is a traditional water heater where water is collected in a tank and then heated by an element. This tank is insulated to keep the water hot once it reaches the temperature that you have pre-set. If this is the type of tank that you want in your home, call us at 253-927-5862.

Those looking for tankless hot water heaters in Tacoma can also give us a call. We carry a wide selection of these items, which are energy efficient and provide an endless stream of hot water.

Always Go with a Professional

Hot water heaters are one of those things that you should never try to replace on your own. These heaters combine electricity and water, which are two things that should never be together unless a professional is dealing with the situation. The danger alone is reason enough to call Hunt’s Services today.

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