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Water Filtration Systems

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Install Clean Water Filtration Systems in Your Home or BusinessEnvironmental issues are on the top of every one’s list of concerns as scientists try to find better ways of preserving the environment. One of the greatest challenges is getting a constant supply of clean drinking water.

Public water systems sometimes over-chlorinate the water which can make you sick, and is times of severe flooding, the water system becomes contaminated with e-coli bacteria. The solution is to have Hunt’s Services, install water filtration system in your home.

The unique advantage here is that you can have clean drinking water whenever you want. There is no risk of ever giving your kids water that is questionable at best, and having your own water filtration system eliminates they need to always run to the store to buy bottle water.Water Filtration Systems

Water Filter and Treatment System Installation

Which brings us to the other benefit of this product. There is only a one time cost and it installs very easily by Hunt’s Services, where we will have you up and running in no time. Your family and friends will become believers in this system, when they see how you are benefiting from it.

We are the plumbing experts at Hunt’s Services so you can rest assured that we will install your new water filtration system that will meet or exceed all plumbing codes. Installing your system into your existing plumbing system is key for you to take advantage of its benefits to reduce scaling and improve your water quality throughout your home.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you care about the environment the way we do then you definitely install a water filtration system in your home. Because every time a plastic bottle is thrown away it increases our carbon footprint since not all plastic bottles are recycled.

Using bottled water requires a special dispenser and is not easy to use. A filtration system makes sure your water is free of harmful chemicals for all of your needs including cooking and bathing. Bottled water requires signing up for a delivery service and adds to the your carbon footprint because it takes gas for those deliveries.

Improve the Quality of Your Drinking Water

A water filtration system is an investment in your health and improves the value of your property because it becomes a permanent part of your plumbing system.  Our filtration systems are self maintaining and require very little upkeep. They are made in the USA and come with a ten year warranty that meet or exceeds FDA, ANSI, NSF and California water quality standards.

Recent studies of drinking water quality in Tacoma reveal higher than acceptable levels of lead in some cases over 25 times higher than the limit set by the EPA in some of the water sampled. Removing harmful chemicals such as lead from your drinking water is a cheap insurance policy to avoid health problems these chemicals can cause.

Service to Pierce, King, Thurston and Kitsap Counties

You are always guaranteed great tasting water and even better service from Hunt’s Services, where we have been serving our customers for many years. Our reputation is to convert a first time customer into a customer for life.

Hunt’s Plumbing expert technicians provide water filtration systems to all of Pierce, King, Thurston and Kitsap Counties. We install water filtration systems for the cities of Tacoma, Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Gig Harbor, Olympia, Renton, Seattle and surrounding areas.

Let Hunt’s Services, install your water filtration system and any other plumbing challenges that you are having. When you call on Hunt’s Services, your solution is only a phone call away!

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