March 26

4 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Performing a complete bathroom remodel is a major undertaking. With a national average cost of $12,000 to $27,500 for a 10×10 bathroom, according to Forbes,… View Article Read More

Toilet Repair vs. Professional Help: When to Call a Plumber
February 15

Toilet Repair vs. Professional Help: When to Call a Plumber

Toilets are central features of modern bathrooms. These appliances enable the efficient removal of wastewater and sewage, and they serve a key role in keeping… View Article Read More

Frozen pipes in Tacoma, WA
January 21

Ways to Safely Thaw Frozen Pipes in Your Tacoma, WA Home

Of all of the plumbing issues that could afflict homes in Tacoma, WA, frozen pipes are among the most serious. It’s the kind of problem… View Article Read More

Hydrojetting in Tacoma, WA
November 15

Understanding Hydrojetting: How It Can Help Prevent and Overcome Sewer Problems

Clogged drain and sewer lines are an extremely common problem and can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with, especially if backups result. Sewer issues… View Article Read More

October 23

Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

Have you recently turned on your faucet only to discover a trickle of water coming from the spigot? Does your water come out of your… View Article Read More

water filtration in Tacoma, WA
September 25

What Is the Best Home Water Filtration System?

Tap water in Tacoma may contain contaminants, such as metals and chemicals. The only way to purify your water is with a water filtration system…. View Article Read More

Toilet repair in Tacoma, WA
August 12

What Sounds Tell You That It’s Time to Call a Plumber?

Toilets make distinctive sounds each time they flush and refill with water. These sounds are perfectly normal. However, your toilet should remain relatively quiet the… View Article Read More

Water Heater Maintenance in Tacoma, WA
July 3

When — and Why — You Should Schedule Water Heater Care

You may not think about your water heater too often. Even still, it’s probably one of your favorite appliances in your home. Without it, you… View Article Read More

Sump Pump in Tacoma, WA
June 20

How Houses Benefit from a Sump Pump

If you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to make sure that your home is free from water damage and you live in a… View Article Read More

Selecting and Installing an Eco-Friendly Water Heaters
March 29

Selecting and Installing an Eco-Friendly Water Heaters

Replacing appliances and fixtures, such as water heaters, is unfortunate and costly but remains a routine part of home ownership. There’s no escaping the fact… View Article Read More