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Your tub has a leak, the shower head is loose, or the drain is not draining. How annoying, right? You could try and use caustic chemicals that provide temporary relief but can create worse problems in the future by corroding your pipes severely. Or you could  just call Hunt’s Plumbing and Mechanical to get the job done right the first time around!

When you first notice that there is water leaking on the outside of the tub, don’t turn a blind eye. Not only will the leak get worse but it will also ruin the tub and surrounding walls, seeing as how most tubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass. While both of these fibers make for a sturdy bathtub, a running leak will cause it to deteriorate slowly but surely, ensuring that you will not only have to fix the leak but replace the entire tub!

When it comes to a “do-it-yourself” job, we would not recommend that this be one of them. A tub and shower installation or repair is a large project, with many tasks involved that require not just the knowledge, but most importantly the experience. A certified, skilled, and trained professional at Hunt’s Plumbing and Mechanical will come to your home, assess the problem and fix the issue in no time!

rain shower head Now, let’s talk about that worn out showerhead. Is it leaking, incredibly rusty, or is the water pressure not cutting it anymore? Instead of fixing something that is clearly on its last leg, why don’t you replace it?

We can install any type of showerhead. After a long gym session, stressful day at the office, or the start of a great morning enjoy a much deserved, relaxing shower. Consider a rain overhead showering panel, a square or ceiling fan showerhead, or a freehander. All you have to do is pick out what you like and we can install it in your bathroom in no time at a great low cost.

When it comes to tub or showerhead repair or if you feel like treating yourself to a new and improved shower appliance call Hunt’s Services at 253-927-5862!

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