In basic terms, hydro jetting is a process that allows a plumber to remove sewer line blockages using a highly pressurized stream of water.

Most plumbers will attempt this method first, since it is the easiest and most efficient way to remove a clog. Unless the line has collapsed, hydro jetting should remove the blockage. From there, the homeowner should have a certified plumber perform regular maintenance on the line, as this can prevent another blockage from forming.

The vast majority of sewer line clogs form over time. Sediments like grease and sand accumulate inside of the line, eventually blocking it completely. Once this occurs, your drains might not function properly, leading to problems for a home or business owner.

When you call Hunt’s Services to work on a clogged line, we send water through the line at about 3000 psi. This high pressure stream is able to remove any blockage that might be there and scours the entire pipe.