While Pierce County doesn’t compare to places like Arizona and Texas when it comes to summer heat, it can get uncomfortable as temperatures rise during the year’s hottest months. Fortunately, you can invest in an air conditioning installation in Lakewood, Washington, to ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature.

While some might view air conditioning as a non-essential item in your home, you’ll be glad you made this choice when temperatures reach uncomfortable levels during a heatwave. There’s nothing worse than sitting awake at night because it’s too hot to sleep.

Air conditioning is available for commercial and residential properties in Lakewood, and you can either replace your existing unit or install an entirely new cooling system. In addition, Tacoma Public Utilities that provides power service to Lakewood is now offering financial incentives for installing energy efficient cooling systems such as heat pumps.

Hunt’s Services is standing by at 253-533-7500 to answer any questions you have about installing an air conditioner in Lakewood, WA, or elsewhere in Pierce County. Our licensed, certified HVAC technicians will determine the ideal size of unit for your home and make recommendations based on what they find.

From there, you can book an appointment to have your air conditioning system installed, ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature all year round.