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American-Standard-air-conditioner-TacomaAn air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery that works basically by removing the heat from the air and circulating it through a room or through the house. During hot weather, an air conditioner is important to the comfort of a household. A home without air conditioning in the height of a hot summer can be a miserable place even here in Western Washington.

But you don’t have to be miserable for long if you call Hunt’s Services! Sometimes, a problem can be as easy to fix as getting rid of fallen leaves and other debris from in front of the condenser unit and restoring its air flow. If you feel like your air conditioning is not blowing cold air, we might need recharge the refrigerant if the unit needs it and correct the thermostat.

AC-Repair-HVAC-Air-Conditioning-Contractor-300x214A faulty thermostat can make the air conditioning cycle too often or not run at all. We can also balance the duct system if the air conditioning cools the rooms unevenly. Once an air conditioning unit or HVAC system is installed, it’s crucial that it be well maintained. A poorly kept air conditioning unit, whether central or room, simply won’t work well! This means it not only won’t cool a room to the homeowner’s satisfaction, but will cost them more in terms of energy bills. We remind our customers to call us at least once a year to check the system and perform any troubleshooting that needs to be done. For fast air conditioning repair, call Hunt’s Services today.

If we determine that your air conditioner or HVAC system needs to be replaced and is beyond repair, we can also help with the selection and installation of a new air conditioning system for your home, apartment, or business.

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