What is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month started in October 1985, promoting mammograms as a vital tool against breast cancer.

How prevalent is breast cancer?

Approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women.

1 in 8 women with cancer

Why are regular mammograms important?

Early detection significantly improves survival rates—women caught in early stages have a 93% or higher survival rate. Regular yearly mammograms are imperative.

How can I support the campaign?



  • Wear pink gear!
  • Add pink ribbons to your vehicles
  • Use #coveredforthecause, #carolmilgardbreastcenter, and #HuntsServicesinPink on social media.

Collect donation

  • Purchase a unique $20 beanie
  • 100% of the purchase price will be donated to the Carol Milgard Breast Center
  • Call (206) 780-6053 to purchase a custom beanie or donate

Where do the donations go?

Donations support the Carol Milgard Breast Center’s financial assistance program, providing mammograms to uninsured or underinsured women and men.

What is the Carol Milgard Breast Center?

The Carol Milgard Breast Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed. to providing breast health services and mammography outreach efforts to our community. All donations are tax-deductible..

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