As a homeowner, keeping your house at a steady temperature is essential because it ensures that everyone who lives there remains comfortable at all times. When something goes wrong with your furnace in Tacoma or HVAC air conditioning unit in Seattle, however, you’ll want to have it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid service disruption. Hunt’s Services has you covered no matter where you live in King and Pierce Counties.

    Luckily for you, Hunt’s Services is standing by with our team of licensed and certified technicians to not only diagnose your heating and air conditioning problem in a hurry but to provide the necessary fix in a short amount of time.

    Give us a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll send someone over to have a look immediately. From there, we can give you your options and help you make a decision based on what best fits your current situation. By trusting Hunt’s Services with this job, you can be sure that the solution we provide will stand the test of time and you won’t have to worry about your heating or cooling unit acting up again soon.

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    Furnace Repairs

    One of the most critical appliances in your home is the heater. As you know, your furnace or heat pump keeps your home warm in the winter, making it invaluable when temperatures drop in Western Washington. So, what do you do if you wake up one morning to learn that your furnace won’t turn on or isn’t doing an adequate job of heating your home?

    Your first instinct might be to panic, as you might envision a lengthy period without a heating system during the winter. The good news is that Hunt’s Services won’t let that happen to you, as our experienced team will be on the job in no time and will diagnose your furnace problem as efficiently as possible. The first thing we will do is figure out if we can repair the furnace. That is always the goal, especially if the unit isn’t particularly old, as it will be less expensive than a furnace replacement. After diagnosing the issue, we’ll have a look and make sure we have the right parts in our shop to repair it right away. Even if we don’t, we’re usually able to get our hands on the proper components quickly.


    Finally, we’ll send our technician back over to your home to complete the furnace repair, leaving you with a flawlessly heated home for the rest of the winter. The best thing about going with a fix is that the service disruption is usually minimal because our repair people know what they are doing and can replace the problem part immediately.

    We even handle duct cleaning, heat pump installs, heat pump repairs, electrical, and regular HVAC maintenance, so keep us in mind for those jobs, as well.
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    Furnace Installation and Replacement

    There will be situations, however, where a repair just isn’t possible. Maybe your furnace is too old and we can’t find the part, or it is simply at the end of its life cycle. This scenario is something that homeowners dread, but replacing the furnace is just part of home ownership.

    There is a silver lining, though, because Hunt’s Services not only has access to various furnace types, we proudly carry and endorse the American Standard brand, so you can be confident you’re getting a high-quality furnace that will last you for years to come. Keep in mind that it takes a bit longer to have your furnace replaced than repaired, but the result is that you’ll have peace of mind throughout the winter, instead of wondering if something else on your old furnace will require an additional repair in the coming months.

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    Air Conditioning Repairs

    The summer months bring about an entirely different set of problems, as temperatures rise and we rely on our air conditioning units to keep us cool. While Tacoma and its surrounding area aren’t known for their extreme heat, there are times when it gets too hot for comfort.

    So, what do you do if your air conditioner stops working during a heatwave?
    The easy answer is to call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to have us take a look and provide a free estimate for your HVAC job!

    We have a certified team of air conditioning repair experts who will figure out what is going on with your AC and, hopefully, can repair it before you spend too much time in the heat.

    Much like with a furnace, the amount of time it will take to complete the repair depends on having the parts in stock, which is often dependent on the age of the unit, but we’ll do everything in our power to keep your home air-conditioned in Tacoma or Seattle throughout the entire summer.

    AC Installation

    There are a couple of reasons why you might require an air conditioner installation. The first scenario is that your current air conditioner is beyond repair and you want a brand new unit before your home gets too hot this summer.

    Luckily, we carry a wide variety of air conditioners, including American Standard products, so you can find the perfect model to meet the needs of your Pierce or King County home in a hurry. The second scenario is where you’ve never had an air conditioner in your home before, but find it difficult to cool your home using other methods and struggle to sleep at night. While this situation can be a little more difficult since we’ll have to retrofit the unit into your home, it’s nothing that Hunt’s Services can’t handle.

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    No matter your reason for needing a new air conditioner installed, give us a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll come up with the best plan to meet your needs and within your budget.

    Keeping You Comfortable is Our Job

    You never want to be uncomfortable in your own home, so it is lucky for you that Hunt’s Services is standing by to handle all of your heating, cooling, ductless, and dryer vent needs.

    Call us today, and we can go over your HVAC options, ensuring you end up with the right furnace or air conditioner to fit your home and budget while improving your indoor air quality.

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