Duct cleaningHunt’s Services proudly offers complete brush-through and negative air duct cleaning! We also do NOT offer the “bait and switch” pricing you will often see with offers that you might have seen in coupon mailers. Please call for more information on the difference between “brush through” and “suction” systems.

    Many times when we are working with Hunt’s Services customers on a heating or air conditioning issue in their home, we come across clients who are desperately in need of help relating to the condition of their air ducts and vents. Your furnace, air conditioning, ducts, and vent systems work together to push air throughout your home.

    Have you ever wondered what’s in those vents? Possibly you have noticed large amounts of dust moving around your home and wondered where that’s coming from. Even with regular filter changes, your vents and ducts become a haven for “particulate”. This is a substance that is blown out of your home’s vents and ducts. It’s easy to see this particulate when the sun is coming through your window or by looking at how dirty your furnace filter gets over time. Especially if anyone in your home suffers from a breathing-related condition such as asthma, it’s important to make sure to keep your air ducts clean. Even with the best of furnaces and air filters, your duct and air vents can get dirty.

    Don’t let dirt, dust, and allergens get in the way of healthy living for you and your family – Hunt’s Services offers the very best solutions for duct and vent cleaning at great prices. We do not do the bait-and-switch pricing that you may see on coupons sent to your home.

    When’s a good time to have your ducts cleaned? Any time of year is a good time to have your ducts cleaned, but the most common time is in the early Fall before Winter to get ready to use your furnace.

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    We come out and after a free inspection, give you a solid and easy-to-understand quote based on the inspection we have gone over with you. Click here to schedule a duct cleaning appointment now or give us a call at 253-533-7500.

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