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    Hunt’s Services can handle installing your air conditioning, as well as, repairs and maintenance before you need your AC during hot summer months in Sumner.

    Our experienced HVAC technicians can assist with anything your cooling system requires, including ductless heat pump installation. We’ll get to the bottom of any repairs you need, too, with the end result being a comfortable home throughout the summer months.

    Your home can get very uncomfortable when the mercury rises, but a properly-functioning air conditioning system keeps you in the cool. Hunt’s Services is here to get you through the hottest days of the year by ensuring your central AC is up and running and working at total capacity.

    When you consider air conditioning for your home or business in Sumner, consider the need to conserve energy with your choice of cooling systems. Pierce County’s Energy Conservation Program has a goal of reducing energy usage by 15% for county residents.

    Give us a call at 253-533-7500 to learn more or book an appointment. We offer service in Sumner and the rest of Pierce County, putting you in good hands when seeking a climate-controlled home.

    Sumner Air Conditioning Installations and Replacements

    Different families have different reasons for requiring air conditioning installation in Sumner.

    For example, if your home has never been equipped with central AC in the past, you could be sick of dealing with the summertime heat and want a break. In these situations, the technicians at Hunt’s Services will start a new air conditioning installation from scratch, retrofitting your ductwork and handling all the electrical requirements. We can go over your ductless mini-split options with you, as well.

    Another situation where you could require an air conditioner or heat pump installation is when your current system is no longer functioning or needs frequent repairs. Rather than paying for a technician to visit multiple times per year, you might invest in a brand new system to save you money in the long run.

    Or, it might be time for an air conditioner upgrade. In this scenario, your current system might cost you too much per month because it isn’t as efficient as the newer models. An upgrade takes care of this situation, as does investing in a ductless heat pump for your home.

    When completing an air conditioner installation in Sumner, Washington, or elsewhere in Puget Sound, you have all kinds of options, so give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500 to schedule an appointment with one of our Comfort Specialists to determine the best option for you. We’ll figure out the best system for your home, ensuring you’re happy with your new air conditioning unit.

    Air Conditioning Repairs in Sumner, WA

    You’ll probably want to at least attempt an air conditioner repair before replacing your unit because it’ll save you money in the long and short term. Of course, this statement assumes the repairs are minor and don’t require a technician to visit multiple times per year.

    A common scenario you might experience is warm air coming from your vents when the air conditioner is running. While this seems like cause for concern, it’s often an issue with the compressor. The compressor is a vital component, but the technicians at Hunt’s Services can swap it out quickly, getting you up and running in no time.

    This problem could also mean you’ve blown a fuse or have a bad capacitor. A blown fuse will take minutes to fix, as it’s perhaps the most straightforward repair you could encounter. Unfortunately, a bad capacitor is much more severe and will repair an intensive repair.

    Another sign you have an air conditioning problem is when there isn’t much airflow coming from your vents. Generally, this means your filter, ducts, or vents are clogged, preventing cool air from flowing into your home. However, it could also signal a problem with your compressor.

    A technician will get to the bottom of the problem quickly, ensuring your system is back up and running.

    You’ll want to keep your ears open for strange noises when your air conditioning system is turned on. A grinding noise could mean some internal components require lubrication, while a squealing noise could signal a slipped belt. The good news is that both problems are relatively minor if you address them early enough.

    A bad smell entering your home when your air conditioner is running could mean you have mold on your coil or in your ducts. Fixing this problem early is advisable because mold can be a health hazard if you breathe it in.

    Reach out to Hunt’s Services for more information on these air conditioning repairs.

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    No matter the air conditioning problems you’re experiencing, Hunt’s Services can help. Our licensed, certified technicians have seen it all and can address your air conditioning repairs and installations, so you don’t have to go another day without a cool home.

    Call us at 253-533-7500 for more information or to book an appointment. We’re available for air conditioning repairs and installations in Sumner and surrounding communities.