Dealing with malfunctioning or broken appliances is an unfortunate part of home ownership, as is the fact that your device will always stop working when you need it the most. When speaking of an air conditioning unit, you can be positive that if you do run into a problem, it’ll happen on the hottest day of the year, since this is when the system will have to work the hardest.

Of course, going ahead with the necessary maintenance each year can help you to identify problems before they interrupt your service, ensuring you don’t end up with a house that is too hot to stay in comfortably. If you don’t keep up to date with your maintenance, it’s nice to know that you can call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to deal with your Tacoma air conditioning repair, as this is the easiest way to get your system back up and running during a heatwave. In Puget Sound, we can have a wide range of temperatures. The daily temperatures for the Seattle Tacoma Area can be found on NOAA’s National Weather Service web site.

Our technicians are standing by throughout western Washington to install your air conditioning unit, and we even offer 24-hour emergency service, should you experience a problem in the middle of the night. Give us a call today if you are concerned about your air conditioner installation or experience any of the following symptoms of an air conditioner that requires installation of a new AC Unit. We provide air conditioning services to King and Pierce Counties including Tacoma and Seattle area.