When you need electrical panel repairs, replacements, and upgrades in Bellevue, Washington, Hunt’s Services is here to help. Our team of licensed, certified Bellevue electricians will get to the bottom of any electrical issue you encounter, restoring or upgrading your services as quickly as possible.

    As you know, your electrical panel is an integral part of your home or business. This device distributes electricity throughout the building, helping your appliances, lights, and other installations to function. When something goes wrong with your panel, though, you could experience flickering lights, service disruptions, or electrical hazards.

    You don’t want to find yourself in this position, so getting the team at Hunt’s Services on the job is vital. We can replace, repair, or upgrade your existing panel, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

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    Electrical Panel Repairs in Bellevue, WA

    Electrical panel repairs can come about for various reasons. You could end up with loose connections over time, or your wires could be damaged as they age. Corrosion and faulty circuit breakers are other reasons you could need a repair sometime in the future.

    Because various things can go wrong with your panel, it’s important to monitor it so you can proactively address the problems. For instance, if you smell something burning near your breaker, getting a professional on the job as soon as possible is advisable. The same goes for scenarios where you have flickering lights, visible panel damage, or a breaker that’s continually tripping.

    If you notice an issue with your panel, Hunt’s Services will visit as soon as possible to troubleshoot. We’ll determine what’s causing the problem and, if at all possible, replace the faulty component instead of the entire unit. The result is a faster resolution and some cost savings for you.

    Reach out to Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to book your appointment. We’re available to serve you in Bellevue, Washington, Seattle, King County and all of the Eastside.

    Bellevue Electrical Panel Replacement

    While it isn’t always necessary, there are scenarios where an electrical panel replacement is your best bet. Typically, you’ll want to replace your electrical panel when your existing unit can’t handle the load inside your building. These panels last 30+ years, so replacing them isn’t a regular occurrence.

    Sometimes, replacing an electrical panel becomes necessary when your existing device can’t keep up with your electrical usage. Modern homes have all kinds of new appliances and components that can create issues for older panels.

    In addition, you might need a new electrical panel if your existing unit incurs damage. Melting or charred components are a clear sign you need a replacement sooner rather than later.

    The good news is the team at Hunt’s Services can replace your Bellevue electrical panel in a hurry, minimizing your service disruption. Our trained technicians will disconnect your old panel, figure out the size of the panel your building requires, install the new one, and rewire electrical circuits that need it.

    From there, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your electrical services and fewer problems with your panel.

    Call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 for more information or to book your electrical panel replacement in Bellevue, Washington. Our team is standing by to answer your questions or start the repair process today.

    Bellevue Electrical Panel Upgrades

    Upgrading your electrical panel in Bellevue, Washington, could be another option worth exploring in some situations. This upgrade sometimes becomes necessary when installing new appliances or doing renovations because your current panel might not have the output you need to keep everything running. Homeowners will commonly upgrade their electrical panel when installing a hot tub or new HVAC heat pump systems because of the increased energy outputs they require.

    It is worth noting that upgrading your electrical panel is sometimes possible without installing an entirely new unit. In these scenarios, your technician might install a subpanel, which allows for more efficient energy distribution. It all depends on your current panel type and your electrical needs.

    For instance, if your current electrical panel isn’t large enough for your building and its installations, going with a larger unit is highly recommended because it’ll reduce the problems you encounter.

    Hunt’s Services is here to assist you no matter what electrical panel upgrades you need. We have the expertise you need to ensure the job is done the right way.

    Contact Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to learn more or book your appointment. We’ll repair, replace, or upgrade your electrical panel in Bellevue and other Western Washington locations as quickly as possible.