As a homeowner in Tacoma, you know that when you flick a light switch, the room should illuminate, when you turn on the stove, the element should heat up, and when you open the refrigerator, a blast of cold air should escape.

What do you do, however, when one of these aspects of living in a home that we tend to take for granted does not happen as it should?

You should always have a plan for when electrical parts, appliances and fixtures stop functioning as they should because the longer you let these issues go on, the more inconvenient, and expensive, it can become.

These scenarios and more are why Hunt’s Services is in business. Our team of expert electricians will ensure that the electrical issues that you are experiencing in your home or commercial property are temporary so that you can get back to living life with these critical components in place. If your job requires a City of Tacoma electrical permit or inspection, we can help you get that set up.

Give us a call at 253-533-7500 and we will send someone to have a look at your wiring, appliances, circuit breakers, lighting, electrical hookups and fuses and will get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible.