You could require electrical service in Renton, Washington, for many different reasons, and, fortunately, Hunt’s Services is here to assist with most of them. Our licensed electricians have the experience necessary to address any concerns that emerge with your commercial or residential electrical system, ensuring you’re never without electrical service.

There’s an inherent danger when dealing with electrical systems because faulty wiring or installation can be a fire hazard. Even something as simple as a loose wire connection can cause significant issues, which is why keeping your system in excellent condition is a necessity.

Hunt’s Services is available to help with any electrical repairs and installations you require in King County and the Eastside. We have the ability to diagnose and repair any problems that arise and can even ensure new fixtures are installed quickly and efficiently throughout your home. Depending on the nature and size of the job, electrical permits from the City of Renton may be required

Call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500, and we’ll address your concerns with your electrical system in Renton, WA. In addition, we provide a full suite of plumbing services for Renton including sewer repair, gas piping and water heaters.