Keeping your sewer lines clear is very important because, otherwise, you could find yourself with clogged drains and backed up pipes. When you do find yourself with a clog, however, it is now much easier than ever before to diagnose the problem with a camera sewer inspection.

This is because plumbers now use a sewer camera to inspect the pipes and determine what is causing the water drainage issues. From there, it becomes much easier to either remove the clog or repair the pipe.

Call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 if you ever find yourself with a poorly functioning sewer line that is in need of repair. Our expert technicians will visit your home and figure out the cause of your issues in a hurry, allowing us to easily fix your pipes or conduct a thorough drain cleaning. If there is a problem in the main sewer line like a blockage or break, Lakehaven Utility District repairs and main sewer lines in Federal Way.