Hunt’s Services is the top rated affordable Tacoma Plumber. Often times, plumbing problems can become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the experience or know-how to fix the clog, leak, or break on your own. There is no need to panic, however, as long as you know where to get the necessary assistance.

Hunt’s Services has a team of licensed Tacoma plumbers who have many years experience and knowledge are standing by to fix your plumbing issue. Whether your plumbing issue has made it impossible to flush the toilet or has created an unwanted swimming pool of water in your basement, we will get to the bottom of it immediately.

Tacoma Public Utilities is the power and water utility for all residents of Tacoma. If you need your water service turned off or on, or if you have question on your water bill or water quality, contact their customer service department. Of course once the water is delivered to your property, the homeowner is responsible for service and upkeep of your plumbing systems.

Our team members provide professional plumber services in Tacoma including:

And much, much more.