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    Sitting on the shores of Puget Sound, Des Moines, Washington is about halfway between Seattle and Tacoma, just south of Sea-Tac Airport. The neighborhood is mostly suburban, with over 32,000 residents and a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere.

    At the same time, nothing can ruin the serenity of a peaceful area like Des Moines, WA faster than a broken, cracked, or deteriorating sewer line causing a significant leak on your property.

    Luckily, if you run into a substantial sewer line issue, Hunt’s Services has you covered, as our team of professional technicians is available to help around the clock and on any day of the week.

    Make sure you call Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 and put us on your sewer line problem as soon as you notice it. From there, we’ll figure out the cause, handle the repair, and have your residential or commercial plumbing system functioning at its full capacity in no time at all.

    Is it Time to Call Hunt’s Services?

    Figuring out if the plumbing problem you’re experiencing is significant enough to contact us can be a struggle. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a plumber if you’re able to fix it yourself. Here are some situations where you’ll unquestionably want one of Hunt’s Services technicians to come to your house immediately.

    1) If you smell sewage anywhere on your property. Often, a foul odor coming from your yard means you have a sewer line crack or break beneath your grass. In this situation, you’ll want to have it promptly repaired as it could do severe damage not only to your lawn or landscaping but also to yours and your neighbors’ homes.

    2) When you find a pool of sewer water in your yard. While a puddle of smelly water sounds like something you’d notice right away, the water leak could be in a hidden part of your yard or appear very slowly and worsen over time. As soon as you see standing water in your lot, however, make sure Hunt’s Services is your first call.

    3) If all of your drains are working slowly. Having one slow working drain is usually an isolated drain cleaning issue that you can repair without using a plumber unless, of course, it’s a severe one. When all of your drains are slow, however, your sewer line could be badly clogged drain or broken, preventing waste from moving from your home.

    4) When sewage runs back into your fixtures. This scenario is an absolute nightmare because it means that your pipe is either very clogged or broken to the point where your waste has nowhere to go but back into your house. It goes without saying that you’ll want Hunt’s Services at your home right away if you experience this situation.

    Things That Cause Des Moines, Washington Sewer Line Problems

    In an area like Des Moines, WA, a few factors can lead to sewer line problems.

    One of the more common culprits is sagging pipes, which occur when your yard is saturated with too much water, and the soil begins to erode. Once the soil erodes under your grass, there isn’t anything left to support your sewer line, causing it to sag and, potentially, break.

    Trees also cause a lot of problems in Des Moines because there are so many large ones around the region. Tall trees always mean there’s an extensive root system underground, and these roots can easily wrap around your sewer line and damage it. Even if you don’t have trees on your property, your neighbors probably do, and their trees can harm your system, as well.

    A sewer line problem that we encounter everywhere in Western Washington is a build-up of grease and oil that you’ve put down your sinks. The issue is that this oil hardens once it gets into your pipes and over time, it can catch other debris, leading to a cleaning emergency that could turn into a leak if not treated.

    As your pipes get older, they get brittle and start to crack and break. This problem isn’t overly common in Des Moines, Washington, since many of the houses are under 50 years old, but it’s something to be aware of nonetheless.

    Hunt’s Services Sewer Repair Techniques

    We have a few sewer line repair methods that we can use, depending on the severity and location of your issue. To determine the right repair method, we’ll do a camera inspection, which is a leak detection procedure that allows us to see precisely what is causing your sewer line problem.

    Whenever possible, we’ll do a trenchless repair, where we use a bladder and resin technique to fix a section of your pipe without excavating your yard. There’s also pipe bursting, a method involving replacing the broken part of your sewer line with a new one.

    If all else fails, we might have to excavate in your yard and handle the repair that way. Rest assured, however, that we’ll only dig on your property if it’s completely unavoidable.

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    Contact Hunt’s Services With Your Sewer Line Issues

    Whenever you experience a broken or cracked sewer line in Des Moines, WA, it’s nice to know that the certified, licensed technicians at Hunt’s Services are standing by to meet your emergency plumbing needs.

    We also handle water heater repairs and other residential plumbing problems.

    Give us a call at 253-533-7500 to ensure that your sewer problem is repaired quickly, efficiently, and correctly the first time.