There’s no need to panic when you need a Graham, Washington sewer repair because you have Hunt’s Services on your side. Our team of licensed, certified technicians is available around the clock to serve you, so no matter what time of the day or night you need assistance, we’re here.

    Your sewer system is one of the most vital components in your home. After all, it’s responsible for removing much of your waste, and if it isn’t functioning correctly, it becomes almost impossible to empty your sinks and toilets.

    When your sewer system is leaking, or your fixtures aren’t draining, it could lead to some panic, especially if the issue arises suddenly or you don’t know how to repair it. It is important to know as a home or property owner in Graham that you are responsible for maintaining and repair of your sewer line up to the connection of with the public sewer utility serviced by Pierce County.

    By calling Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500, you can start the repair process immediately. From there, one of our technicians will come to your home to restore your service.

    The second you experience an emergency plumbing problem in Graham, WA or Pierce County, make Hunt’s Services your first call to get the repair done quickly and efficiently.

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    When to Call Hunt’s Services

    How do you know if a residential plumbing problem is severe enough to bring in a professional?

    The truth is that it’s usually pretty obvious because you’ll notice some changes around your home or yard.

    Sewage Pooling

    For starters, if you see sewer water in your home or anywhere else on your property, it’s essential that you call Hunt’s Services immediately. In this scenario, you probably have a broken sewer line, and the sewage that is running throughout your property will do significant damage if you don’t have it fixed.

    Sewage Smells

    Just because you can’t see sewage doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem, as smelling sewer water is also a good indication that you have a crack or water leak in your sewer line. Luckily, if you’re able to have this issue repaired quickly, you can limit the damage.

    Sewage in Drains

    Another situation that you might experience is your plumbing fixtures filling up with waste after you flush the toilet or drain the sink. When this occurs, you could have a clogged sewer main or a break somewhere along the line. It’s crucial that you don’t panic and call a certified plumber like Hunt’s Services right away.

    Sewage in drains

    Slow Drains

    Finally, when your fixtures drain slowly, you could also have a clogged or broken sewer line that is limiting the amount of waste that gets through to the city main. This problem won’t fix itself, so getting Hunt’s Services on the job promptly for a drain cleaning or other repair is a good idea.

    What Causes Sewer Line Problems

    Until we can look at your sewer system, it’s difficult to figure out what’s causing your residential or commercial plumbing problem. We can make some educated guesses, however, based on your symptoms.

    Tree Roots

    Often, a broken sewer line is the result of tree roots wrapping around the pipe, eventually cracking it. These roots can expand for vast distances underground, so the tree doesn’t even have to be on your property to cause an issue.

    Pipe Sagging

    Pipe sagging is a common cause of sewer line breaks in Western Washington, because of the amount of precipitation we get. As it rains, the soil under your pipes can erode, putting a great deal of pressure on your line. Eventually, the pipe will sag under the weight and could break over time.

    Heavy rainfall affecting underground pipes

    Old Pipes

    Older homes can sometimes have old pipes, which will eventually break down. Depending on the age of your home, you might consider having a plumber look at your sewer system to ensure that it has been replaced at some point.

    Grease in Pipes

    If you’re guilty of putting grease and oil into your pipes, you’re bound to run into problems. These materials harden inside your sewer line, catching debris and clogging your sewer line, creating a drain cleaning emergency. The line can even break if too much waste builds up.

    Hunt’s Services and Your Sewer Line Repair

    How do we handle sewer line repairs?

    It depends on the type and size of the issue.

    Camera Inspection

    We’ll often start the repair process with a sewer camera inspection. This specialized camera allows us to see inside your sewer line, acting as a leak detection method.

    We can then either clean your sewer line using our hydro-jetting technology or figure out how to repair it.

    Trenchless Repair

    Many times, we’ll use a trenchless sewer repair technique to fix your pipes. In this scenario, we’re able to replace a section of pipe without having to excavate, allowing us to handle the job quickly while limiting the damage to your property.

    If we do have to excavate, we’ll do so in the least invasive manner possible.

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    Call Hunt’s Services Today

    Hunt’s Services is standing by at 253-533-7500 to assist with all of your plumbing repair needs.

    Our sewer repair experts will get to the bottom of whatever is causing issues with this vital piece of infrastructure, restoring your service and giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes to your home.