The plumbing professionals at Hunt’s Services are standing by to fix any sewer related problem whether that be cleaning, repairing or replacing your sewer lines in Tumwater. Give us a call at 253-533-7500, and we’ll send an experienced plumber to have a look. From there, we’ll figure out the severity of the issue, determine the cause, and provide the required repair services.

    Our team of licensed, certified technicians is standing by to address any sewer line problems you encounter. We’ll quickly diagnose and repair your plumbing issue, restore your services, and keep your home or commercial property fully functional.

    Don’t hesitate to get Hunt’s Services on the job today so we can limit the damage to your residential or commercial property and mend your plumbing service in Tumwater, Washington, right away.

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    Is a Plumber Needed?

    Not every plumbing issue requires professional assistance. However, there are some scenarios where you’ll want a plumber on the job as quickly as possible to lessen the damage around your home or commercial property.

    Sewage Leaking

    For example, if you ever see sewage leaking from one of your pipes, you’ll want to contact a technician immediately and cease the operation of your plumbing fixtures. These symptoms mean you have a break or crack in your sewer line, and a plumber will have to repair or replace it to restore your service.

    Sewage Smell

    The same goes for scenarios where you can smell sewage on your property. This smell could signal a crack in your sewer pipe that’s allowing sewage to leak somewhere you can’t see it, like under your yard. The problem will only worsen, though, so getting a plumber on the job is essential.

    Drain Clog

    If your fixtures aren’t draining, you could have a severe drain clog you’ll need to address. A clogged or broken sewer pipe could also be to blame. It’s a good idea to call the pros at Hunt’s Services to inspect your sewer system to pinpoint the problem, and devise a solution.

    Sewage in drains

    Slow Drainage

    Slowly draining fixtures could also mean you have a clogged drain, but much like fixtures that refuse to drain at all, you could have a more serious underlying problem. Getting a quick sewer inspection can put your mind at ease while letting you know what’s wrong with your system.

    Hunt’s Services handles sewer problems of all types in Tumwater. Call us at 253-533-7500 to diagnose and repair your sewer line issue in Western Washington today.

    What Causes Tumwater Sewer Problems?

    You could experience issues with your sewer system in Tumwater for many different reasons. Many of these causes are unavoidable, but bringing in a professional contractor can help.

    Tree Roots

    For instance, Tumwater has significant tree cover, especially in the areas around Trosper Lake and Tumwater Hill Park. These trees create scenic neighborhoods, but their roots also create problems for sewer lines. As trees get older, their roots extend underground and can eventually damage the pipes under your yard, leading to serious problems.

    Pipe Sagging

    Another unavoidable problem is pipe sagging. Western Washington gets a significant amount of rainfall every year, and this water can wash away the soil supporting your sewer line. As this soil erodes, the sewer line is forced to hold additional weight, leading to damage.

    Pipe sagging

    Old Pipes

    Tumwater is an old city that expanded greatly between the 1940s and 1970s. Unfortunately, clay pipes were commonly used in residential plumbing during that period, and these pipes could still be present in some houses today. Clay is far more prone to damage than ABS or PVC, so it’s wise to have your sewer line inspected if you live in an older home.

    Debris in Pipes

    One sewer line problem you have control over is clogs caused by grease and oil. If you’re guilty of disposing of these items through your sinks, you should know that it can lead to severe blockages that damage your pipes. Stop disposing of food waste in this manner to reduce your chances of needing a sewer repair in the near future.

    No matter the cause of your sewer problem in Tumwater, Washington, Hunt’s Services is here to help. You can reach us at 253-533-7500, and we’ll send a technician to diagnose and repair your plumbing issue in Thurston County as quickly as possible.

    How Your Sewer Repair Will Go

    Do you want to know how we’ll handle your Tumwater, WA, sewer repair? While we can’t tell you exactly how it will go without first inspecting the damage, we can give you a brief overview of how these situations typically play out.
    • We’ll often start by completing a camera sewer inspection, where we insert a specialized camera into your sewer line to give us a clear view of the underlying cause.
    • This inspection could uncover a clogged sewer line, which we might address using hydro jetting technology. Hydro jetting involves shooting a stream of water at high speeds through your pipes, dislodging and removing any debris that’s present.
    • Our inspection could also discover a crack or break in your sewer line. Fortunately, trenchless sewer repair in Tumwater, Washington, allows us to complete the job while leaving most of your landscaping in place.
    • In rare situations where we have to excavate, our team is highly-trained to complete the work while protecting your yard.
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    No matter the sewer repair issue in Tumwater you’re experiencing, Hunt’s Services is here to help. You can reach us at 253-533-7500 throughout Thurston, King, and Pierce counties today.