Your water heater is a priceless piece of infrastructure inside your home. Without a working unit, taking a shower is an absolute chore, and washing your dishes and laundry also become far more cumbersome jobs. In short, you’ll want to seek out a contractor to handle your water heater repair in Kent, Washington, as soon as you notice the problem.

Before you begin, you should know that water heaters only last for about ten to 15 years. Once they reach that age, problems are sure to follow, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a water heater replacement. However, completing the necessary repairs and maintenance can extend their lives, saving you money in the process.

Hunt’s Services has a team of certified, licensed technicians who can assist with many of your Kent water heater repairs. We’re standing by at 253-533-7500 and provide service throughout Western Washington, ensuring you aren’t without this vital service for long.

Not having hot water can make your life far more challenging. Fortunately, Hunt’s Services offers standard and emergency service in Kent, WA, limiting the disruptions these problems can cause for you. We also deal with water heater installations, so no matter the scope of the damage to your unit, Hunt’s Services can help.